NOCO Boost GB Versus HD and GBX- What’s the Difference?

Is a NOCO Boost HD Different Than a Pro or NOCO GBX?

Ive been getting the same question a lot regarding NOCO portable jump starters. It’s a good question and it’s something I have been keeping an eye on myself. Lately on Amazon, I’ve been seeing a lot of NOCO Pro, HD, X and GBX versions of the portable jump pack. People want to know is there a difference between a NOCO GB40 and HD GB40? Or is the NOCO Pro better than the HD or original version?

In order to shed some light on the topic, I did some research in hopes of finding out what’s different with these newer NOCO jump starters and what’s the same. What follows is what I have been able to find regarding the similarities and differences between the different NOCO portable battery boosters.

What’s Different?

Noco boost gb70 hd ultra safe portable jump starter battery booster
Here you see one of the popular NOCO Boost jump starters, the GB70. Is this version different than the other NOCO jump starters?

If you’re looking to buy a NOCO Boost jump starter, chances are you want to know which model is the best and which portable booster pack is going to get you the best value for your money. With NOCO now offering dozens of different sizes, models and versions of their “Boost” portable jump starter line, it’s hard to know which model is going to be the right one for you. Should you buy the regular GB40 or GB70? Or is the Boost HD a better jump starter? Here’s what I can tell you.

Size, Peak Amps and Price

The only thing different about the NOCO Boost HD versus the GB version is the size and price of the jump starter. And by size, I don’t mean physical size because NOCO Boost jump starters are all built to be portable and rarely do they weigh over ten pounds. Only the largest and most powerful NOCO Boost or NOCO Genius products will be larger than that.

In designing it’s products to be small and highly portable, NOCO has made the jump starter a house hold item. No longer does a person have to be mechanically inclined to jumpstart a dead battery. If you don’t know how to use a NOCO portable jump starter, there are resources all over the internet to teach you.

Noco boost gbx45 1250 amp battery jump starter
Notice that the “GBX45” is designed and functions the same as a GB or HD. The only difference is in the peak amp rating. Click for more info.

What I noticed about the different styles and versions of NOCO jump starters is there aren’t two of the same on any line. For example, there is no NOCO Boost GB40 and HD GB40. There is only the “NOCO Boost Plus GB40”. Labeling the NOCO jump starters with different versions like Pro, Plus and HD is simply a marketing tactic and should be ignored when choosing which portable jump starter to buy.

If There’s no Difference, How Should I Choose a Jump Starter?

Knowing now that the only difference between the various NOCO Boost jump starters is the size, price and functions, it’s time to decide which one will work best for you. Some things you should consider when buying a portable battery jump starter are the following,

  • What type of vehicle is the jump starter going to be used on?
  • How often will the jump pack be used to start your cars or machinery?
  • Are you looking for a portable jump starter or are you looking for an actual battery charger?
  • How much money are you willing to spend?
  • Is there a cheaper alternative to the NOCO Boost jump starter you’re looking at?

Let’s jump into these questions real quick and see if we can figure out which portable jump starter or battery charger best suits your needs.

What type of vehicle will your portable jump pack be starting?

Knowing what vehicle you will be using a portable jump starter on is maybe the most important factor in deciding which one to buy. The reason for this is simple- if you know that you will be starting a lawn mower with your NOCO Boost, then logically you can choose to buy a cheap, less powerful version like the GB40. You can be confident that a 1,000 amp NOCO Boost will start your lawn mower many times before the battery dies.

If however you are buying a jump starter to start your Diesel engine, say a Cummins 6.7- you are going to need one with more peak amps like the GB150. If you own a dealership or plan on jump starting several cars in a short period of time, you may even consider the NOCO Boost GB250 which is a 5250 peak amp portable jump starter with the ability to start up to a 15-liter Diesel Engine.

Noco boost gb250 12 volt ultra safe battery jump starter portable
Here you see the NoCo Boost GB250- one of the most powerful portable jump starters on the market. Click the image for info, reviews and where to buy.

As you can see, the letters on the side of your jump starter aren’t all that important. What matters when buying a NOCO jump starter is how many peak amps it puts out. Period. The larger the vehicle, the more peak amps you’re going to want in any battery jump starter that you choose.

How Often Will the Jump Starter be Used?

Another important question to ask yourself is this- Are you going to use the jump starter every day or is it going to sit under the back seat in case of an emergency? Why is that important when choosing which portable battery booster to buy?

It’s important because if you only plan on using your jump starter for emergency situations like a dead battery at the grocery store, there are options that will not cost you a ton of money. Although NOCO will always have my heart when it comes to portable jump starters, I have found alternatives in NEXPOW and YESPER that will fit the needs of someone just looking for an under the seat jump starter. The benefit of these brands is they cost quite a bit less than the higher end jump starters. Check this one out.

You can’t see it until you click the “Shop Now” button, but that version of the Yesper jump starter is 3,000 peak amps for under $100.  Of course the reviews on the YESPER are great and people have nothing but good things to say about the Yesper brand. If you need a portable jump starter just for emergencies, a Yesper or NexPow will be perfectly fine.

NexPow 5000 peak amp portable battery boost jump starter
Click the image for more info, reviews and where to buy the NexPow portable jump starter.
How much money do you want to spend on a jump pack?

Like many things in life, choosing the right jump starter for your application may come down to simply how much money you’re willing to spend. If for example, you own a large car dealership and need to start a lot full of cars in -10º weather you will probably be willing to spend significantly more on a jump pack than someone just looking for a Christmas present for Dad.

If money is not a big issue and you’re looking for a sound investment in a jump starter, my recommendation would be the NOCO Boost GB251 which is a 3,000 peak amp 12/24 Volt portable jump starter. Sure, it’s not cheap but the benefits of the GB251 far outweigh any downsides and definitely justify the price.

Even if you’re not in the market for a high-end portably battery booster, check that NOCO GB251 out. I promise you will not be disappointed. What I would recommend though for a low priced jump starter is one of the two that I mentioned previously. Either the NexPow or the Yesper. Both are suitable for most people and can be bought for a decent amount less than a NOCO Boost.

If you’re shopping around for a jump starter, you will probably notice that prices for NOCO GB, Pro, Plus, GBX and HD products start from under $80 and range all the way up over $1,000. If you really want to stick with the NOCO brand, it’s likely there is one that fits into your budget.

Can I find a cheaper alternative to the NOCO Boost Jump Pack?

Although we have already went over some of the alternatives to NOCO Boost portable jump starters, it’s worth exploring the topic a little bit more. We touched on buying cheaper jump starters for emergency use and things like that, but what about for professional or commercial use? What would be the best cheap alternative to say a NOCO Boost GB250 or GB251?

An interesting and surprisingly popular portable jump starter this year on Amazon is the “Lokithor” (I know) brand. Claiming to be a 1500 amp jump starter along with a portable air compressor, this little machine could make for a decent cheaper alternative to the NOCO Boost products.

The best jump starter that compares to the NOCO Boost line though is the above mentioned NEXPOW 5,000 Peak Amp 12 Volt boost pack and power bank. Although I doubt at the super low price it sells for it actually has 5,000 peak amps, the reviews and ratings are good enough to consider it as a backup jump starter or in some situations a jump pack for professional use.

Pay Attention to Specs and Reputation When Buying Tools

Ive learned over many years of buying tools from the tool truck, in-store and online that it doesn’t matter what the tool is called or what letters come after the part number. If you pay attention to specs like peak amp rating, cold cranking amps and wattage on a portable jump starter, you will find the one you’re looking for.

Secondary to specs in some regards and superior in others is the brand reputation of the tool you are buying. Any company can claim anything when they market a tool. Inferior brands may claim to have 5,000 peak amps but in reality only deliver 1,000. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, there’s likely a reason. When a tool is good, mechanics talk about it and tell their co-workers about it.

That’s how NOCO Boost portable jump packs became the favorite for portable battery solutions. The company built a superior product at a reasonable price and got technicians, car dealers, emergency responders and other users hooked. It’s an important part of why Snap-On Tools is what they are today. Unfortunately for them though, NOCO has been able undercut them with cheaper, smaller and higher powered portable jump starters.

By John Green

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