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Drill Review: Denali by Skil Amazon Brand

Amazon Sells Denali Brand 20V Cordless Drills on Amazon

If I were to ask you, have you heard of Denali Tools? It’s likely the answer would be no. Not unless you’re familiar with the Denali by Skil Amazon Brand of tools. In this post I’m going to make you familiar with the Denali by Skil brand with a review of one of the most widely used tools in the world. A basic 1/2” Denali by Skil cordless 20 Volt drill. We’re also going to look at things like Denali drill reviews, what people think of the Amazon Brand of power tools, some features and specs with the intention of helping you figure out if the Denali Drill is worth the admittedly cheap price?

Amazon Brand 20V Denali by Skil Drill 

Denali by Skil Amazon Brand 20v cordless drill with battery and charger
Click the image for info, reviews and how to buy the 20V Denali 1/2” Drill on Amazon.

It’s not the flashiest power tool– and rarely does a cordless drill fall into the category of sexy or flashily, but it’s a simple fact that a cordless drill is one of the most popular power tools in the world.

Across all of the trades and even just for at-home DIY projects, it would be hard to find a person that doesn’t own a cordless drill in 2024. With cheap but good quality sets like the Denali by Skil costing less than $100 for a kit and other brands with maybe questionable quality even cheaper, it doesn’t make any sense not to own a cordless drill.

Denali tools are made with the Skil™ Brand on them, which means the quality is probably “good enough” to justify the price. The Denali 20V Drill Kit with a battery and charger costs less than a 30- pack in some states in 2024.

Maybe it’s no Milwaukee drill, but the Denali drill is not supposed to be. The Denali is a cordless 20V drill sold to the market of people doing projects at home, for spares at work and in some cases I’m sure it’s used professionally. Don’t expect if you go out and buy a Denali Drill on Amazon that you’re going to get a Milwaukee or DeWalt quality tool.

If it’s the Denali Drill Driver you’re looking for, it’ll cost you just a little bit more. Not enough to make one reconsider buying it though. Here’s how much the Denali Driver Drill costs on Amazon right now.

Denali by Skil Cordless 20V Drill Reviews and Opinions

It’s important any time we do a tool review that I put in the work to go out and find the reviews, real-life opinions and user feedback. I went looking for Denali 20V Cordless Drill reviews and real user feedback. In this section, Im going to give you what I found and what people online are saying about the Denali by Skil cordless drill.

On Amazon, I was a bit surprised to see that the 20V Denali Cordless Drill rating is a 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s possible the reason Denali Tools are highly rated on Amazon is a bias, but I think it’s also possible that the tools are decent quality, the price is very low and Amazon will ship them to you in two days. It’s like the tool truck but five times cheaper. Here are some of the real-life user reviews and feedback I found across the internet.

”David C. Harris” captioned his Amazon review with “Drill by Skil and has Great Warranty” and then went on to say,

Drill does a great job and comes with 2 batteries, Note to get max torque you have to go to to the next setting above 17 go to the symbol. – Verified Amazon Buyer 

Eric G. from Amazon left his review with a tagline that read “Gets the job done” followed by his actual review of the Denali 20V cordless drill,

Almost bought the cheap DeWalt brand drill and then see this for half the price. Its exactly the same, but at a cheaper price point. Worth getting for small jobs around the house. If you do more heavy tooling then you might want to buy the more professional DeWalt ones and not the cheap one similar to this SKIL one. – Verified Purchase Review of the Denali 20V cordless drill. 

Amazon isn’t the only place that has a large number of Denali Drill Reviews. YouTube was full of real-life user experiences and opinions which I expected due to the large market of buyers Amazon and Denali targeted with the 20V Cordless Drill. DIY’ers and backyard mechanics are the most likely buyer for a tool that’s low priced and still holds some quality.

In the next section, I’m going to point out some of the best YouTube Denali 20V Drill reviews I have found on the tool specifically. After that I may throw in a couple that just review the entire brand.

I found this video on the pro’s and con’s of the 20V Denali Drill from the “Pro’s and Cons” YouTube channel. In my opinion the biggest “con” or disadvantage was that the 20V Denali does not have hammer function. From the moment I looked at the Denali by Skil drill I could tell that it wouldn’t have a hammer function. It’s important to consider that the Denali 20V cordless drill is not meant for professional use. Also, Denali does make a separate 1/2” hammer drill so if that’s what you need, it is available.

The next video I came across that I found useful was an overall review of the Denali by Skil line of 20V power tools. Instead of focusing solely on the drill, this video went in depth on the entire Denali by Skil brand which I think is useful. If a brand can be trusted, you can be assured that it will continue to produce better than average power tools.

Another post I found was a Reddit forum that was reviewing the 20V Denali Cordless Drill. You can find that post at the link here.

If you want to know more about the Denali by Skil brand of 20V tools, you can also check out a previous post I made that asked if Are Denali tools were worth buying?

20V Denali Cordless Drill Reviews are Overwhelmingly Positive

Although there were people that complained about silly things and obviously didn’t consider the low price of the 20V Denali Cordless Drill. Other than those few boneheads though, I was unable to find anyone that has bought a 20V Denali Drill and regretted it considerably.

Most people realize when they buy the type of brand that Denali by Skil is, you are not going to get pro-level tools. You’re going to get a DIY and at-home quality tool. If professional is what you are looking for, then go find any corresponding cordless Milwaukee power tool and buy that.

Does Denali by Skil offer any other useful tools?

Considering Denali is made by Skil, it would seem obvious that they offer more power tools than just a drill and driver. And if you assumed that Denali made more power tools, you would be right. In fact, they probably make more tools than you would think. I’ll quickly go over some of the other tools on the Amazon Brand, Denali in the coming sections.

Denali by Skil 4-piece power tool set.

This Denali 4-piece power tool set is the exact same thing as the Skil PWRCORE and all of the tools and batteries interchange with one another. Included in the set is a drill, circular saw, flash light, Sawzall, a battery with charger and a carrying case for the circular saw.

Denali by Skil Amazon Brand set of power tools, drill driver Sawzall reciprocating saw carrying case
Here you can see that Denali does sell a full set of power tools. It’s a big advantage, but don’t be fooled. These are not all of the Denali power tools.

Denali 40-Volt 18” Brushless Push Mower

Of all the cheap tools that Denali by Skil sells, I think the 40-Volt brushless lawn mower could be the best deal they have. If you look at prices from the competitors, take for example the Ryobi 20-inch cut 40 Volt Lawnmower that sells on Amazon as well. You can see the price of the Ryobi in the picture below.

It may be true that Ryobi is a more notable brand in power tools, but the difference in price here is just not justified in my opinion. If I had to choose, I would spend my money on the Denali by Skil lawnmower.

Denali 20-Volt 13 inch string trimmer weed eater

Click for more info, reviews and where to buy the Denali by Skil Amazon Brand 13-inch 20 Volt String Trimmer.

The last Denali Power Tool I’m going to show you is the 13 inch string trimmer that runs on Skil’s 20 Volt PWRCORE battery system. The kit shown above also comes with a 4.0 Ah battery and charger so you can open the box and start weed whacking.

All of that for less than $100!

Does the 20V Denali Drill or Other Power Tool Have a Warranty?

According to the Denali 20V Cordless Drill product, the drill comes with a five-year warranty and the batteries come with two-year warranties. This type of power tool warranty policy is pretty standard on battery operated cordless power tools.

Due to the unpredictability of lithium ion battery life and the varying usage from one person to the next, companies usually only warranty batteries for a short time. I have seen battery warranty’s that were as short as 90 days.

Conclusion- Reviews of the Denali Say It’s Worth the Money

Reviews of the Denali 20V cordless drill point to a tool that is worth the money for at-home carpenters and other DIY type mechanics or workers in general. If you need a cordless drill and don’t want to shell out several hundred dollars, the Denali 20V drill is an excellent choice.

As I said, don’t buy these Amazon Brand tools expecting them to be as good as Milwaukee, DeWalt or even maybe Ryobi. They are what they were meant to be. Inexpensive tools that are affordable to the masses and yet still have some quality behind them with Skil being the actual maker of the tools.

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