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Read This Before You Buy a NoCo Genius Battery Charger

Are NoCo Genius Battery Chargers Worth Buying?

In 2023, it’s easy to find dozens of different battery chargers on the market. Recently, the company behind the best portable jump pack in NoCo has released a line of battery chargers- the NoCo Genius. With so many choices for cheap battery chargers out there, the question is this. Are NoCo Genius smart chargers and maintainers worth buying? If so, where can I get the best deal on it?

In this post, I’m going to look at and review the NoCo Genius “smart” battery chargers and maintainers. My hope is to figure out if these are the best deal on a new battery charger in 2023, or if there is an alternative to the NoCo that’s cheaper and comparable or better in quality.

NoCo Genius 10 amp battery charger and maintainer
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In order to answer these questions about the quality, price and warranty on the NoCo Genius battery chargers, I will look to real-life reviews and opinions from people I know personally that own Genius products.

If brands like NoCo are a little expensive or not necessary for you application, they sell all different kind of battery charger.That one sends you to a SUHU Car charger but there’s are several on the market.

How much does a NoCo Genius cost?

In every review of a new popular tool in the automotive and equipment industry, price is a big factor for me. I no longer shop on the tool trucks or buy Snap On because of the absurd prices, so finding cheaper alternatives is a mission for me. If we want to know how the NoCo Genius compares to other battery chargers, we need to first find out how much they cost.

NoCo genius pro 25A 12/24V portable automotive charger maintainer and trickle charger
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Once we find out how much a NoCo Genius costs, we need to then look at the features and find out if it’s worth buying at that price. In order to offer the best insight, I’m going to do a little research and tell you how much each version of the NoCo Genius sells for.


NoCo Genius chargers have options at different price points.

My first thought was to compare the price of NoCo Genius chargers to other portable smart battery chargers, but the amount of different Genius versions makes that tough. With NoCo offering everything from 1 amp- 10 amp, 6 and 12 Volt single and multiple bank chargers, a fair comparison to other battery chargers wouldn’t be easy.

So, instead of comparing the NoCo Genius to battery chargers from Snap On, NEXPOW, JNC and others- I’m going to instead give you a couple of the best Genius chargers along with the price and specs for each one.

NoCo Genius 10-amp Charger/Maintainer

First on the list is probably the best deal, especially for a home-use or typical repair shop battery charger. I say this because the NoCo Genius single-bank 10-amp smart charger can be bought on Amazon for less than $100. In terms of portable battery chargers, a 10-amp unit is no slouch.

If the goal is to trickle-charge or maintain the car battery, motorcycle or ATV battery, the NoCo Genius 10-amp is a great option. With the option to “force” a completely dead battery to charge, the G7200 from NoCo has an advantage versus other battery maintainers that need at least 1 Volt to start charging.

Weighing just three pounds, the 10-amp NoCo Genius will also be much easier to move around than any battery charger on wheels. It requires just 120 volts, so it plugs into a standard wall outlet and delivers a 10-amp charging rate.


NoCo Genius 5 Amp Smart Charger

In terms of trickle chargers and battery maintainers, the NoCo genius 5 Amp version is right in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to power and charging rate. At just $69.99, it’s NoCo’s best charger for everything from snowmobiles and four-wheelers to boats and motorcycles.

EverStart Maxx B3CE trickle 6 and 12 volt battery charger
How does the NoCo Genius compare to slightly cheaper options like the EverStart Maxx 6/12V 3-amp trickle charger?

Similar to the NoCo Genius 10-Amp smart battery charger, the NoCo Genius 5 can charge six and twelve volt batteries while also serving as a maintainer for everything from car batteries to Go-Karts.

NoCo Genius 5-amp Smart car battery charger and maintainer
This little 5-amp NoCo Genius is a perfect home use portable battery charger and can also be used in the shop.

If your shop does any kind of programming with J2534 or other protocols, this would be a good little maintainer to keep a steady voltage and make sure the battery doesn’t die during the process. If you have ever done software-level programming on a vehicle, you know what happens if the battery dies or the voltage dips below a suitable threshold.

Snap On sells battery maintainers for J2534 programming that range from several hundred to more than a thousand dollars. Why buy one of those battery maintainers for that price, when you can get the same feature in a Genius smart charger?


NoCo Genius 5GENX2 10-Amp Double Bank Smart Charger

The cool thing about comparing NoCo battery chargers and jump starters is the company’s diverse product line. For just $138, you can buy the 5GENX2 double-bank battery charger and either charge or maintain two batteries at the same time.

With each bank on the NoCo 5GENX2 delivering 5-amps to separate batteries, this is not going to be a rapid charge device but if you have a need to charge or maintain two batteries simultaneously, this would be a great buy.

NoCo GENIUS2X2 4-Amp split bank battery charger.

If you need to trickle-charge two batteries but don’t quite need five amps each and want to spend under $100, the GENIUS2X2 would be a good choice. Ideally, this version of NoCo battery charger would probably be used for smaller ATV and motorcycle batteries, but it could be used on a vehicle as well if needed.

If you have ever been in a situation where you’re trying to bring more than one battery back to life, a dual-bank smart charger could be very useful. When you buy a NoCo battery charger or jump pack, you know quality is coming with it. The NoCo portable line of battery tools has made a huge name for itself in the automotive market in recent years due to the low-cost, high-quality and convenient products they sell.


In my opinion, the portability, quality and low price make NoCo Genius battery chargers worth buying. Whether it’s a 50-amp charger, which is on the higher end in terms of price or a 10-amp $99 NoCo Genius, you can’t beat the convenience versus the alternatives.


Cheapest place to buy NoCo Genius battery chargers?

If you haven’t already guessed, the cheapest place to buy NoCo battery chargers, maintainers and jump starters is right on Amazon. If you can find a better price, I would be extremely shocked and the beauty is- NoCo products are constantly on sale. I bought my Boost GB40 back in March for $99 and it’s the best jump pack I’ve ever bought.

You can also buy NoCo battery chargers and jump starters on the company’s website but with the ease of ordering and the benefit of Amazon Prime (free 30-day trial), it makes sense to buy tools on Amazon versus the company’s own website.


Buying a NoCo Genius battery charger makes sense.

When a mechanic decides what tools to buy, one of the first things he or she thinks about is the price. From a financial standpoint, buying a NoCo Genius battery charger makes sense. When a company can combine convenience, portability and quality while keeping their prices low, they are going to be successful in the auto tool market.

Genius Battery Chargers are not jump starters.

Its important when you buy a NoCo Genius to understand that these are battery chargers, not jump starters. Although the 50-amp version would charge a battery very quickly, even the GeniusPro50 is not what you would call a jump pack.

Instead, the Genius line by NoCo is a battery charging and maintaining solution with portability and low cost in mind. Instead of wheeling around a traditional battery charger, you can carry a NoCo Genius battery charger in your hand from job to job.

If a jump starter is what you’re looking for, NoCo does sell those too in the “Boost” line starting from 750 amp all the way up to a 4250 cranking amp version. Per the NoCo theme, the company’s portable jump packs are high-quality and affordable.

If you are looking for a jump starter and a battery charger, you can buy both from NoCo for as little as $100 combined depending on what cranking amp and charging amp you need.

NoCo Genius are not for charging EV batteries.

I’ve been asked a couple times if NoCo Genius battery chargers will charge electric vehicle or hybrid batteries. It’s not really a surprising question since many people don’t fully understand how to charge EV’s yet, but the answer is no. NoCo Genius battery chargers and maintainers are made for six and twelve volt conventional car batteries, not the kind found in electric or hybrid vehicles.

If a home-charger for your electric vehicle is what you’re looking for, there are some good ones to choose from in 2023 such as the Autel MaxiCharger HomeSmart EV charger. I recently did a review of the pro’s and con’s of Autel’s EV charger that you can find at the link above.

NoCo battery chargers beat the alternative.

I love NoCo battery charging products so much because buying them doesn’t leave me broke and I can always count on a high-quality product with a good warranty if by chance I do get a defective unit.

After years of giving money to my Snap On dealer every week, I made it my mission to findtools that are as good as Snap On and other tool trucks but wouldn’t leave auto techs broke. If I can influence just one new mechanic into buying tools that he or she can afford versus taking out a mortgage for a toolbox, I will consider that a success.

When it comes to how well the NoCo Genius battery charger works, how cheap you can buy one and the amazing quality of their products it’s a no-brainer. Keep more money in your pocket buying tools like this one on Amazon.


Author- John Green


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