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Stanley J5C09, NoCo Boost GB40 and the Best Portable Battery Boosters in 2024

NoCo Boost Jump Starters are Quality and Cheap. Can a Stanley Compare?

We know from my frequent ravings about the NoCo Boost line of portable jump starters and accessory battery power blocks that the product is among the best quality at also the lowest price. For example, the entry model GB40 NoCo Boost is a 1,000 Amp starter model that can be bought for less than $100 from most places. Amazon being the preferred vendor, NoCo’s website also offers the Boost and Genius products cheap and ordering effortlessly.

With a less than $100 price tag on the NoCo Boost GB40 1,000 amp portable jump starter- and a $199 tag on the GB70 which is a 2000 peak and battery jump starter, it’s going to be hard for the Stanley J5C09 1,000 Amp portable jump starter to compete with a price of around $90 making them almost identical.

Identical prices you would think might give the NoCo Boost and the Stanley J5C09 a good competitive balance, but it’s in the brands features and benefits where the scales tip in favor of NoCo and away from Stanley, a tool brand known for much lesser quality tools.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the most important qualities, specs, features, reviews and warranty to determine something. We want to know if despite the sizzling popularity of NoCo Boost and Genius portable battery tools, the Stanley jump starter and portable air compressor can add enough features to make it a better deal than the $100 Boost GB40.

Stanley J5C09 Portable Air Compressor and Battery Jump Starter

It’s likely that if you are in the vehicle industry, whether it be automotive, heavy duty or industrial you have heard something about the NoCo Boost GB40 1,000 Amp battery booster. A lot less likely though is that you know much or anything at all about the Stanley Portable Air Compressor and Battery Jump Start combination. 


Here, we will research the ins and outs of the Stanley J5C09 looking for the best features, most useful add-on’s, perfect scenarios that the portable compressor/booster would be beneficial to own and some real-life user reviews from Amazon, YouTube and elsewhere if we can find them.

Features and accessories for the Stanley J5C09

The Stanley portable compressor and battery booster actually comes in three sizes. One is the 1,000 Peak Amp boost rate, one is a 1,200 Peak Amp and the largest is a 1400 Peak Amp Stanley portable AC Compressor and battery jump starter. Like NoCo, but not quite to the same extent, Stanley has chosen to design several variations of battery booster and jump starters hoping to catch some of the market in several categories.

Though Stanley likely has more tools overall in its lineup, there’s no doubt that NoCo has the market cornered for portable battery chargers, jump starters and other battery related tools. So is there anything that sets the Stanley battery boosting and charging tools apart from competitors like NoCo, JNC (Jump and Carry) or Snap-On and the other tool trucks?

What Stands Out With the Stanley AC Compressors and Battery Jump Starters

I took a very extensive look through the specs, features and capabilities of the Stanley line of portable air compressors and emergency jump starters. I’ll be honest, I was not able to find anything that stood out as a feature Stanley had invented or mastered. Everything these 1000, 1200 and 1400 peak amp battery jump starters could do is pretty standard of most portable battery boosters and air compressors.

With the market for emergency roadside tools expanding the way it is, I’m not surprised that the Stanley jump starter/AC compressor wasn’t able to offer much for innovating features. That doesn’t mean that the tool isn’t good though and that real-life users of them won’t be happy. In order to determine if this is the case, it’s best that we take a look at the Reviews on the Stanley portable jump starter/AC compressor.

We want to know what people who are actually using these Stanley portable compressors and battery boosters have to say about them.

Stanley Portable AC Compressor and Portable Battery Booster or “Jump Pack” Reviews

Stanley black and yellow 120psi air tank with 1,000 peak amp cranking power in the battery booster jump pack.
Here you see a close-up of the Stanley J5C09 portable air compressor and 1000 peak amp portable battery jump starter.

The Stanley air compressor and battery booster pack in this picture is the smallest 1,000 peak amp jump starter likely meant to be in the trunk or under the back seat of a car or truck on a long road trip. Or if your cars battery is old, it could have a permanent place under the seat.

There are two more of this style of  Stanley jump starter and air compressor in 1200 and 1400 peak amps which are still both quite small in terms of battery jump starters. One thing that none of the three of these Stanley jump packs is going to do is operate efficiently in a repair shop or work well in a commercial use setting like the NoCo Boost GB250 and GB251 12 and 24 Volt portable jump starters do.

Even the closest NoCo comparison to the Stanley J5C09-which in my opinion would be the GB40 1,000 peak amp booster is much more powerful and has a much longer run time and quality of life according to most reports. In fact, NoCo was rated number 2 only behind Clore Automotive’s JNC 325 portable jump starter in a “Road & Track” post. We all know the clout that Clore Automotive has in the jump starter and battery charging market in general, so that is one hundred percent saying something.

Stanley’s J5C09D was also on the list although coming in at number five out of five it was still recognized as one of the 5 best portable battery booster and jump starters on the market going into 2024.

Here are some Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviews I find to be the most honest and accurate opinions on tools and other products being sold online. This is because Amazon users are generally not scared to review a portable jump pack and say that it sucks (if it does) and that’s beneficial to us when we are looking for actual real-life opinions from people who have used one of these Stanley portable air compressors and 12V battery jump starter.

I don’t want a pre-typed review made by the company selling the product telling me of the benefits but neglecting any potential disadvantages.

From Amazon-

“Bert” Captioned the following Review with the words “Battery Won’t Die”

So, I bought this after I needed a jump pack and didn’t have one when I needed it. I have not had to jump anything yet. But I have used the compressor to fill lots of tires. One negative thing is the light. It’s pretty useless. Also the compressor hose is really short.

“Filip” Captioned his Amazon review by saying “Quality unit-works as intended.” And went on to say,

Pros: only slightly more than non name brands. Was able to fill a flat tire twice with it and jump start a car within a week of getting it.

Flashlight isn’t amazing but helps a lot in the dark when you’re working on a car.
Feels sturdy.

Cons: jump start cords are a bit short so you’ll need to hold it close to the battery.

Recommend this if you need to air up your tires or jump a car. Great tool.

Something I noticed with the Amazon Reviews for this Stanley Portable Air Compressor and Jump Starter Line were the length was often very long. Without the time to read them all thoroughly, I have to assume that the buyers are pointing out a mixture of good and bad when it comes to the Stanley Portable Jump Pack and AC Compressor.

Are There Other Jump Start Air Compressors For Sale?

Im not aware of a NoCo Boost jump starter that also has an air compressor built it. So in that respect, the Stanley J5C09 definitely has an advantage. It’s worth asking though, is there another product that has a jump pack and air compressor built in that would be better than or cheaper than the J5C09?

Schumacker 1562 Lithium Portable Power Station

Well known in the battery tools segment going back 75 years sells the above portable jump starter and Air Compressor combo on Amazon for less than $150. In terms of price and functionality, the Schumacker is definitely an alternative worth considering.

Described as a 1200 Amp portable power station, the Schumacker 1562 Lithium combines a 150 psi air compressor, a 1200 Amp portable jump starter and a Quick-Charge USB charging station for devices ranging from cell phones to tablets, laptops or whatever else uses USB.

DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Portable Power Station Jump Starter

Another option for a portable jump starter and air compressor combo is the DeWalt DXAEJ14 portable power station jump starter/air compressor combination. It’s among the more expensive battery booster and air compressor combos, but it carries the DeWalt name, which frankly means something. What do you get for the extra money?

The DeWalt DXAEJ14 portable battery booster packs 1400 Peak Amps while also coming with a 120-psi portable air compressor, hose and all of the necessary accessories. A cool little feature is the DeWalt portable jump starter and air compressor comes with is an AC (120V household) Power outlet which could be very handy in a roadside emergency.

BRPOM Car Jump Starter and Portable Air Compresser 

BRPOM portable car jump starter with air compressor 4000 peak amp battery starting and 150 psi air compressor
Click the image of the BPROM portable jump starter and air compressor for more info, reviews and where to buy online.

The last portable jump starter/air compressor combo I want to show you is the budget version BRPOM Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor. It’s the budget-friendly combo of the bunch coming in at an estimated $90 on Amazon. But what do you get for $90 in a portable jump starter and air compressor?

According to the product listing on Amazon, the BPROM Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor puts out an impressive 4500 Peak Amp and 150 psi of air pressure. To look at the BPROM, you may come away thinking about how simple the design is but it’s actually a very nice looking budget jump starter and air compressor.

Its handy that the BPROM comes with a bunch of extra accessories including battery cables, several sports ball attachments, a tire inflator cable, a USB charger and an adapter to plug into the 12V accessory outlet. Also, the BPROM appears to have high-quality digital displays and accurate recording of air pressure.

Simply put, for $90 the BPROM car starter and air compressor is probably worth taking a chance. Just know when you do buy the BPROM, there’s a shot you won’t be happy with the quality. It’s always a chance when you aren’t familiar with the brand. Which is exactly why I enjoy doing these tool reviews as much as possible.

Jump-n-Carry Air Portable Jump Starter/Air Compressor
JNC air portable jump starter with lead acid battery and air compressor
Here you can see the JNC Air. Click the image for info, reviews and where to buy the JNC Air online and Amazon.

Ill admit I didn’t even know the JNC Air existed until I started working on this post that just so happened to revolve around Portable Jump Starters and one that is combined with an air compressor. All of the inquiries I was making were introducing me to a lot of these tools.

If this tool wasn’t made by JNC, it’s likely I scroll right by it. The reason is JNC or Jump-n-Carry has been a leader in this category for decades and it’s likely the JNC Air is no exception to the brands excellence and durability.

So, Can Stanley Compare to the NoCo Boost GB40 or Other Portable Jump Starter?

After all of that research into the Stanley line of portable battery jump starters, I’m still kinda up in the air about whether the Stanley can compare to the NoCo Boost line from the GB20 up to the GB150. I’m leaning toward saying that the GB40 and the J5C09 are fairly closely matched and the Stanley has the benefit of a portable air compressor for virtually the same price of the NoCo GB40

If I were looking to buy a portable air compressor right now, I would have to do a lot of thinking to come up with a solid decision. There is just so much to offer from both of these portable battery boost jump starters that it’s hard to say that one is better than the other.

If you’re like me and you are stuck on both of them, just buy them both or buy one followed by the other. With prices like these below on Amazon, it’s hard to justify not having a portable jump starter in 2024. Even if you can’t afford or don’t like NoCo, there are excellent quality options like the Yesper brand jump starters and the NEXPOW battery boosters.

The price of the NEXPOW and Yesper are both extremely reasonable on Amazon.

NEXPOW Portable Jump Starter

Yesper Portable Jump Starter

My favorite portable jump starter aside from the NoCo Boost is 100% the Yesper brand battery booster. It’s slightly more expensive than the NEXPOW at comparable Amp levels, but the quality of the design is second to none. It’s a really beautiful looking jump starter.

AVAPOW 3,000 amp portable jump starter on Amazon with carrying case, cables
Click for more info on the AVAPOW 3,000 Amp portable jump starter like features, reviews and where to buy?
Budget Portable Jump Starters are an Option but Buyer Beware

If it’s a really cheap portable jump starter you are looking for, the AVAPOW line on Amazon seems to be another popular choice for portable battery jump starters. For less than $70 right now you can buy the 3000A version on Amazon.

There are also dozens if not scores of portable battery boosters on Amazon- some that don’t even come branded, but buying these jump starters is a gamble. You may end up with a serviceable booster pack for emergencies or you might get one that doesn’t work the day you get it.

Buying a cheaper portable jump starter is always an option, but is it the right choice? I would say no. I bought a budget version off Amazon a couple years ago- the Imagin 3,000 Amp portable jump starter and charging block. It is no longer available on Amazon and likely for good reason. It was around $50 and I don’t think it actually worked to jump start one car before dying completely.

Conclusion- NoCo or Stanley Would Both Work for Portable Jump Starter

2384 words it took me to tell you that both of these portable jump starters would be entirely sufficient. Although I’m not a huge fan of Stanley tools in the repair shop, I was impressed enough with the Stanley J5C09 to give it a recommendation to try it out. A couple of the other portable jump pack and air compressor combos actually impressed me more during the research for the post.

If you asked me to give a perfect recommendation for the best portable battery jump starter and air compressor combo, it would likely be the JNC Air. Although it is a bit more expensive than some of the others and Jump-n-Carry products tend to be heavier, Clore Automotive has made a name for itself that until proven otherwise, I will use heavily in my judgement.

If you haven’t decided what portable jump pack and air compressor combo after reading this post though, there’s a good chance you never will. Pretending that’s the case, my advice to you is to buy a NoCo Boost GB40 1,000 Amp first. It’s a must-have item for light duty repair shops, car/truck dealerships and industrial tractor or mower dealer and repair services.

After that, it’s your choice if you want a combination air compressor and jump starter or if you want to just buy a portable air compressor. Milwaukee makes several versions including tire inflators in M12 and M18 as well as DeWalt and most of the other major tool makers that will bail you out in an emergency with a flat tire on the side of the road.



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