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Screwdrivers That are Better Than Snap-On- Check

Is there a set of screwdrivers that is actually better than Snap-On?

If you’re a mechanic in the automotive, heavy duty, aviation or other industrial field or even just a backyard mechanic- it’s likely you have used a Snap-On screwdriver. This being the case, it’s also likely that you know Snap-On screwdrivers are pretty much the best money can buy in terms of durability, functionality and usability.

In fact, until I found the set of Williams screw drivers that I’m going to show you now, Snap-On was always my go-to when I reached into my box looking for a Phillips or Flat head screwdriver. The only problem I ever had with my Snap-On screw drivers was how much they cost on the tool truck.

Williams Screwdrivers are Identical to Snap-On, Literally

If you take a good hard look at the set of screwdrivers in the picture above, you will notice that aside from the logo, Williams screwdrivers are exactly the same as Snap-On. Here’s the kicker though. This 19-piece Endurogrip and Supertorque Premium screwdriver set sells on Amazon for less than $180!

How Does That Compare to Snap-On?

Comparing the price of Williams screwdrivers to Snap-On isn’t a cut and dry process. The tool truck companies like it that way. The reason it’s not easy to gauge the exact difference in price of Williams versus Snap-On is because Snap-On sells smaller sets and they use a variety of screwdrivers, picks and pry bars to make up their sets.

Despite that, it’s still very easy to tell that Williams screwdrivers are much cheaper than Snap-On no matter how you choose to buy them. Just one example is the price of this 10-piece set of Snap-On screwdrivers and picks that sell on the company’s website for $234.

Snap-On instinct 10 piece screw driver and pick set in foam case
As you can see, aside from the Snap-On logo and color scheme these screw drivers are exactly the same as Williams.

Another example would be the 7-piece set of screw drivers that Snap-On sells on its website for $229 under the PN SDDX70AG. In contrast, Williams also sells a smaller set of screwdrivers on Amazon  for under $70. It’s the 8-piece Endurogrip set pictured below.

If the 8-piece set of Williams screwdrivers doesn’t have what you are looking for, there are several different variations on Amazon that are all far cheaper than Snap-On. I’ll give you the link to the 8-piece set but while you’re there you can check out all of the other Williams screw driver sets on sale.

Why are Williams Screwdrivers Just Like Snap-On?

Although you may not know it, there is a good reason why Williams Screwdrivers are the same as Snap-On but sold at a much lower cost. The reason is because Williams and Snap-On are both made by the same parent company. In fact, Williams is just the industrial section of the Snap-On brand.

Williams Endurogrip screwdrivers
Here’s a visual showing the Endurogrip Williams Industrial brand screwdrivers.

Since Williams and Snap-On are both made by Snap-On, most of the tools sold by “J.H. Williams” are nearly identical to their tool truck alternatives.  The main difference between most Snap-On and Williams tools is in the logo and physical appearance of the tools. Where Snap-On tools are made to look fancy with several color schemes and different combinations, Williams tools are designed simply to get the job done. No more, no less.

What Are People Saying About Williams Screwdrivers?

It’s not enough to just take my word that Williams Screwdrivers are as good as or better than Snap-On. In order to help convince you and hopefully save you some money on future tool purchases, I pulled some reviews from Amazon that share the same opinion as mine. Here are some of what people are saying about Williams Screwdrivers versus Snap-On.

Amazon Reviews

“Pure Quality”

These are worth every penny. I have my snap on tools… well, I needed a set of drivers for home… I believe these are equal, if not, better quality. I believe I have made a great purchase. I use these for automotive repairs, and for repairs around the house.- “gchumba” (Verified Buyer) 

“Snap-On hard handle screwdrivers on a budget” 

These are virtually identical to the SnapOn hard hard handles screw drivers, just at a much lower price. I’ve had them for a while and they’ve held up very well. Great screwdrivers for the money.- Brandon (Verified Buyer) 

“If you like Snap-On, you’ll like these” 

If you like the classic Snap-On hard handle screwdrivers, this is the set for you. This set has every screwdriver you’ll ever need. I will admit I don’t have much use for the largest flathead screwdriver. That’s the only complaint, If you can call it that. They are durable, haven’t broken one as of yet or wore one out. Had them for close to 2 years. They don’t strip screws. The precision screwdrivers are great for accessing panels and doing light electrical and electronics. They are high quality and high value screwdrivers for the money. They are equal to what you get off the tool truck. The hard handle screwdrivers are USA made with Snap-On quality. The precision screwdrivers are made in Spain by Bahco.- Eric (Verified Buyer) 

For the sake of full transparency, not every review of the Williams screwdrivers was great or compared them to the quality of Snap-On. Although it was overwhelmingly the case that most users considered the Williams screwdrivers to be as good as Snap-On, there were a handful that disagreed.

Even the people that didn’t agree that Williams screwdrivers were the same as Snap-On generally had great things to say about the quality. One thing everyone seems to agree on is Williams brand screwdrivers are well worth the money you’re going to spend buying them.

“Negative” Reviews on Amazon

”Quality drivers but not Snap-On”

People like to rave about how these are just as good snap on, but I’d disagree personally. I have a snap on set about 15 years old comfort grip and all and they’re a noticeable amount better, better bite on the heads and doesn’t seem to nick up the finish like these do. Having said that, these are still very decent quality and if I’d known about these 15 years ago I’d have gone with these. Solid drivers, fair price and a nice range of sizes, but still a gap between them and, at least, older snap on.- xersostatic (Verified Buyer)

“They are a little better than Craftsman”

These are OK….they are a little better than Craftsman, but nowhere near Snap-On. They are second-tier tools which are great for hobbies or homeowner tasks. I like them, but don’t kid yourself.- L S Hughes (Verified Buyer) 

Conclusion- Williams are the Closest Snap-On Alternative Screwdrivers

Williams screwdrivers part number list and diagram
In this photo you can see the specific part numbers for each Williams screwdriver. Click for more info, reviews and where to buy.

A while back I took a look at another set of screwdrivers that were very similar to Snap-On, the TEKTON Hard Handle set. While I stand by my opinion that the TEKTON are also a very good (and very cheap) alternative to Snap-On screwdrivers, the Williams Hard Handle Endurogrip and Torquegrip are better in terms of quality.

Aiding my opinion that Williams screwdrivers are the best Snap-On alternative is the fact that they are also made in the USA whereas the TEKTON are made in Taiwan. In almost every situation, I will choose the American made tool over the foreign unless the price is too good to pass up.

In this case, considering the low price of Williams screwdrivers and the high quality, I would not pass up on them for another brand.



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