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M12 Milwaukee Heated Jacket Versus Wasoto Generic

Is the Price of an M12 Jacket Worth the Difference of a Generic?

Yesterday I was scrolling around on Temu. I know, I know give me crap. It’s an interesting site and although I have little experience with it’s products, Temu does appear to give discounts on some of the tools and apparel we use every day. Sure they don’t sell any Milwaukee, Snap-On or DeWalt. I did however come across a few neat items like heated winter jackets and vests that had me wondering. Are these Chinese generic heated winter jackets comparable to the ones Milwaukee or even DeWalt and Snap-On sell?

And if the heated jackets on Temu are comparable to the DeWalt or Milwaukee, than are the ones on Amazon like the Wasoto brand any good? Would it be worth buying a generic heated winter jacket versus a Milwaukee or DeWalt?

Milwaukee M12 heated hooded jacket with battery and charger in black
Click the image for more info, reviews and where to buy the M12 heated hooded jacket.

In order to try to answer my questions on the quality of Temu heated winter jackets and how they would compare to a Milwaukee M12 version, I decided to do a little bit of research. My goal is to get some answers and see what the real life reviews are on both versions, the M12 heated jacket and hooded sweatshirt and the versions of heated apparel sold on the Temu website.

Heated battery operated winter jacket black sold on Temu
Here you can see a similar version of heated jacket sold on the Temu website for a decent amount less money. But is the quality worth the discount?

In this post, I’m going to look at some critical things like battery capacity and run-time for both the M12 and Temu versions, heat produced, quality and safety of the material and also warranty if something were to be wrong with either the M12 heated jacket or the versions of heated apparel sold on Temu.

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How Long Does Each Heated Jacket Run on One Battery?

First, I’ll start with battery and run-time based on real life reviews and how long the Milwaukee M12 and Temu heated jackets claim to run on a single battery from each product listing respectively.

M12 Milwaukee Heated Jacket Battery Life

Starting with the Milwaukee M12 heated jacket, here is what the company has to say. That’s  followed by how long users claim the batteries last.

Image showing details of the M12 heated jacket including variable settings, temperatures, run time, adjustable collars, wind and water proof technology
Here you can see a great visual offered by Milwaukee to outline the advantages of the M12 heated jacket system.

As you can see from the picture above, Milwaukee has gone to great detail to answer questions like how the heated jacket works and how long the M12 will run on a single battery. There are also ways to make the battery last longer, how to adjust the temperature, what technology and how to use the M12 heated jacket uses to ensure maximum quality.

According to the visual provided by Milwaukee, the M12 heated battery operated jacket PN 202-21 can maintain a 2.0 Ah M12 battery for up to eight hours with optimization. What this means is that if you adjust the temperature accordingly and use the heated jacket to maintain comfort instead of sweating, there is no reason an M12 2.0 Ah battery wouldn’t last through an eight hour day in the cold.

Temu/Generic Heated Jacket

Starting at around $40 on Temu, the heated battery powered jackets on the discount Chinese website certainly look appealing when compared to the price of an M12 Heated Jacket. But like in most cases, the devil may be in the details.

According to all of the Temu listings for heated battery power operated jackets and hoodies, the product does not come with a battery included which means you will need a portable power pack in order to enjoy the benefits of a heated jacket from the company website.

What kind of battery does the Generic Heated Jacket require?

Another notable disadvantage to the Temu or other generic heated jacket versus the M12 Milwaukee version is the type of battery recommended for the discount generic version. In the product listing for the jacket below, it claims that the required battery of choice is a 6V/2A power pack that supports USB-A functionality. So essentially you need a power bank that uses the oldest USB technology in popular use in 2023.

In my opinion this is a pretty big disadvantage to the fact that the M12 heated jacket uses a battery widely available in almost every auto repair shop and on every construction site in the world.

How does a Heated Jacket Work?

Another important detail to know when determining if you should buy a heated battery powered jacket is how exactly it works? In order to answer this question about these jackets that provide heat through a battery, I did a little bit of researched and learned a few things.

First, the M12 Milwaukee Heated Jacket works through several sets of coils located in the chest and back. Think of it similarly to a heated car or truck seat where the coils run through the desired area and emit heat throughout. Similarly with the generic versions, the jacket is fitted with coils throughout that are powered by a power bank and offer not only heat but a layer of protection from the cold.

Generic black battery heated jacket with coils for protection from cold
As you can see, this generic heated winter jacket uses the same coils as the M12 heated jacket and hooded sweatshirt. Click for more info.

How Warm is the M12 Heated Jacket Versus a Generic?

Figuring out how warm an M12 heated jacket is compared to a generic like the ones sold on Temu is not as easy as reading (and trusting) the product listings. Although Milwaukee has a great reputation among power tool companies, the same can not yet be said about companies like Temu that sell the cheapest heated battery operated jackets.

It’s for this reason, if we want to know the truth about how warm each jacket truly is we need to look at real life uses in the way of online reviews, YouTube videos, etc. So here’s what I found on the details of which battery powered heated jacket is the warmest.

Amazon Reviews

Rose Dilley (Verified) review of the M12 Heated Winter Jacket-

Spouse has been feeling the cold, so purchased this as gift for him to keep him warm while working in the garage or outside. He loves it and wears it ‘all’ the time. Pricey, but well worth it. – M12 Milwaukee Heated Jacket

“Frustrated in Ohio” Had This to Say- 

My son bought this for me for Christmas. He bought one for himself too! Perfect for 2022 with the Artic Bomb winter weather that swept the country. It is excellent with the heating unit for winter, and I’ll also be able to wear it in the spring and fall without the use of the heating unit. – M12 Milwaukee Heated Winter Jacket

Of course there were a few reviews that complained about the shipping or delivery arrangements, but no one seemed to complain about the actual quality of the jackets. Here’s a couple I found on the generic heated winter jackets.

Wasoto Heated Jacket with 16000 mAh battery.

One of the best generic heated winter jackets that I was able to find was the Wasoto brand. Not only was the quality and warmth comparable to the Milwaukee heated jacket, this version also comes standards with a massive 16,000 mAh power bank to keep the jacket working for a full day.

Known already for the Wasoto warning gloves, the company has now decided to use its technology in heated jackets.

Another neat feature I noticed was that you can control different areas of the heating coil separately with the Wasoto brand heated jacket. What that means is if you want to warm your core abdomen area and not your arms, it’s possible. If you want to warm both that is also easily selectable.

As you can see in the photo above, the Wasoto heated jacket also comes with multiple points of heat through extra coils versus the M12 Milwaukee heated jacket. Whether this means the coat is as warm as (or warmer than) a Milwaukee heated jacket can be put up for debate. Here’s what Amazon reviews had done sat about the Wasoto version.

Amazon reviews Wasoto Heated Winter Jacket.

Julio Santiago on the Wasoto Heated Winter Jacket-

Fits snug. Warms really quick so I turn it on in intervals. It’s rugged, water resistant and well fabricated. It has pockets on the sleeves that are perfect for my line of work. Look no further for a heated jacket. – Amazon Review from Verified Buyer.

“KH” Review of the Wasoto Heated Jacket-

This jacket is beyond my expectations, and I am very happy with it. The 9V battery is well balanced versus 7V and 12V. I had a heated jacket 12V battery and the battery is too heavy and bulky. The material and zippers are very well-made and smooth. I like the independent heater controller front and back separated, so I can turn it on and off the front and back individually. The size is a true fit, and the zipper is on the right not on the left as most jackets are made in China. This will be my favorite jacket for the winter! Thank you for making this jacket!

What are the Price Points on Both Jackets?

As you might have gathered, the Wasoto generic heated winter jacket reviewed above is at the top of the line in terms non-name brand apparel. So how much does this generic cost versus an M12 Milwaukee Heated Jacket?

First, the most recent price on the M12 Heated Jacket kit from Milwaukee which provides a jacket, battery and charger.

Secondly, there’s the Wasoto version of generic heated jacket that scored high reviews from almost every verified buyer that bought it.

As you can see, the cost of a generic battery heated jacket is around half the price of a name brand Milwaukee jacket. Keep in mind, this is on the higher end in terms of generic heated jackets though. Some of the versions we talked about earlier in this post from Temu can be bought for around $50.

Is the quality of a Temu heated jacket going to match an M12 kit or even this Wasoto battery powered warming jacket? Well, it’s hard to say. Although reviews on the Temu website seem positive, it’s hard to know with a company that has yet to prove itself in the mind of many.

Which Heated Jacket Should You Buy?

It’s only my goal with these posts to show you that there are options out there to be considered when it comes to tools, shop accessories, apparel and anything else you might need in the world of maintenance. I won’t tell you that you should buy the M12 jacket solely because it’s Milwaukee, especially when there are options like the Wasoto that have great reviews and cost a lot less.

If I have done my job here, you will be able to make the decision of which heated winter jacket to buy on your own. Having been given some options, you should be able to choose the one that firsts your budget well.



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