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Read This Before You Buy a Snap-On Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers That Compare to Snap-On?


One of the best tools made by Snap-On is the company’s hard-handle screw driver sets. In many years of trying, I have had a hard time finding a set of screw drivers that were as good as or better than the ones sold by Snap-On. Heck, I couldn’t even find screw drivers that looked like Snap-On. The hard-handle design was basically exclusive to the brand and unfortunately, the tool truck.

In this post, I’m going to show you to a set of hard handle screw drivers made by Tekton Tools that look like and share many of Snap-On’s qualities and compare well to the screw drivers you can buy on the tool truck.

Tekton red hard handle screwdriver set that looks like Snap-On
Click the image for more info, reviews and where to buy Tekton hard handle screwdrivers.

Granted, you won’t find them in a 100th Anniversary set like these Snap-On screw drivers, but the Tekton screw driver set is a great choice for a cheaper option versus Snap-On and it’s famous hard-handle drivers. Just look at how much the set above looks like a Snap-On set.

Tekton DRV42022 Screw Drivers Look a Lot Like Snap-On


For a ridiculously low price (usually under $30) you can buy the Tekton DRV42022 screw driver set that includes ten pieces- five Phillips and five flat-head screw drivers in five different sizes including a stubby of both. In terms of design, the Tekton screw driver set looks a lot like a Snap-On set. Check out the picture below and see how much the Tekton screw drivers resemble Snap-On.

Tekton DRV42022 snap on equivalent screw drivers
As you can see, the Tekton DRV42022 screw drivers closely resemble Snap-On’s set sold on the tool truck.

It’s not enough to compare these Tekton screw drivers to Snap-On based on how they look alone though. In order to decide if they are equivalent to Snap-On, we need to look at some of the user-reviews and also compare some specs and features that come with the Tekton screw drivers versus Snap-On.

If I’m going to convince you to spend your money on a tool, I know I’ll have to do more than just tell you the Tekton screw drivers are a better deal than Snap-On. I’m going to have to show you the hard evidence that there is a better option out there like I try to do in all of my posts. Remember, I have many tool truck branded tools. I bought from Snap-On, Mac and the others for years. That was when I was a young tech in love with the “idea” of shiny and flashily logos.

Now I’m in love with the idea of keeping more of my hard earned money in my pocket.

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Williams Screw Drivers Are Also Cheap on Amazon.

One of the best ways to get an actual Snap-On screw driver in your hand without paying the tool truck price is buying the “Williams” brand instead. As a division of Williams, Snap-On screw drivers are actually just branded with the logo. There is very little difference between a Snap-On screw driver and a Williams. Just take a look at the Endurogrip set sold on Amazon right now.

Although they are a bit more expensive than the Tekton screw drivers, you will in fact be getting the closest possible comparison on the market with these Williams Endurogrip JHW100P screw drivers.

Tekton Also Sells Torx Screw Drivers


Similar to the Snap-On set of Torx (or star) screw drivers, Tekton also offers a set from T10-T30 hard handle that look a lot like the Snap-On set I bought off the truck a few years ago. If you click on the image below, you can see all of the available buying options on Amazon.


Tekton torx t10-t30 star screw drivers compare to snap on
As you can see, the Tekton Torx set of screw drivers looks a lot like Snap-On. Is the quality comparable? Click for more details.


At a price less than $30, you can own a set of Snap-On equivalent Torx and Standard screw drivers for less than sixty dollars total on Amazon. It’s deals like this that I live for and it’s what makes this website special to me. Sticking it to the tool trucks and helping mechanics find equivalents that are much cheaper by comparison.
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What Size are Tekton Hard-Handle Screw Drivers?


TEKTON’s ten-piece set of hard-handle screw drivers comes in ten different sizes ranging from stubby all the way up to a #3 Phillips and 5-16 inch Flat. In comparison to Snap-On which offers a seven-piece set for around $220, this set of Tekton screw drivers fares very well.

If you would prefer to buy a bigger set, Tekton also offers a 16-piece screw driver set (DRV42019) as well as several sets of hard-handle pry bars that are similar to Snap-On in appearance and comfort.


16-piece Tekton screw driver hard handle set
As you can see, Tekton also sells a full 16-piece screw driver set in red hard-handle that gives mechanics more options. Click for pricing, reviews and details.

As I mentioned earlier, the Tekton Torx screw drivers that are supposed to be equivalent come in T10-30 compared to the same sizes versus Snap-On at a cost over $200 per set.

We know that the Tekton screw drivers are essentially the same size as Snap-On’s hard handle (SDDX70) but is the quality tue same?

Will Tekton Replace Broken Screw Driver Tips?

One of the bad habits I have is using my screw drivers as pry bars even though every single manufacturer will tell you not to. So with that comes a frequent amount of broken tips. I wasn’t sure when I bought my first Snap-On set if they would replace them and the answer is yes.

Fun Fact: Snap-On doesn’t fix handles so if yours is pretty beat up, break the handle and you will get a new one. Same with ratchets.

Back to these Tekton though. If you are wondering will Tekton replace a tip if I decide to use it as a pry bar? The answer is also yes, but because the process will likely be online it may be a little more of a hassle.


How Good are Tekton Screw Driver Reviews?

It was hard to find reviews on the Tekton set that includes stubby hard-handle screw drivers but looking at reviews for the eight-piece set gave me a better idea of the quality compared to Snap-On screw drivers.

Here is what some verified buyers are saying about the Tekton screw drivers on Amazon:

This Tekton set of screwdrivers is a must. I’m a fan of hard handle screwdrivers, so these were perfect for what I was looking for. Sturdy with good grip and super easy to clean if they get dirty.- Taylor (Verified Purchase)

Another Four Star Rating-

Overall good tools, just a bit concerned about the handles, seem a bit brittle, but that might just be my perception- Of No Consequence (Verified Purchase)

Small Reason for Concern-

The blued coating on the tip comes off easily. The metal feels a bit thin. The handles are oddly comfortable. I bought them for work, then bought some for myself.- Wreckin’ Ball Duvall (Verified Purchase)

Another indicator of how good TEKTON’s screw driver set actually is would be the fact that they are made in the USA versus many hand tools that are made in Japan, Taiwan and China these days to lower costs. Having screw drivers that are made in the USA is just an added bonus on top of an already good deal on the Tekton sets.

Tekton Screwdriver Set Pro’s and Con’s

  • Priced far more affordably than Snap-On screwdriver sets.
  • Look and feel very similar in quality with the Tekton drivers being a bit less heavy duty.
  • Can be bought in many online stores, online and Home Depot.
  • Warranty is very easy and there are several ways to replace broken or damaged Tekton tools.
  • Less known brand with some unknowns as far as quality control.
  • Limited versions and the Tekton sets are only available in Red. Snap-On has almost unlimited variety.
  • Tekton does not have a soft-grip version available as of now.
  • Physical locations to warranty the product are limited, although some tool trucks like Matco are now carrying Tekton tools.


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Now Reviews on the Tekton Torx Set

The reviews above were specifically for the Phillips and Flat versions of Tekton screw drivers. In this section, I want to take a look at some reviews on the T10-30 Torx set to see if that is equally comparable to a set made by Snap-On.

Here’s a Five Star Rating-

Clearly labeled with size; easy to read. Lifetime warranty. What is there that is not to like- Bulldog (Verified Purchase)

Another Five Star Review on Amazon-

These are very well made and cost effective torx drivers. I really like Tektons hard handle as well. I cant recommend them enough.- Brandon (Verified Purchase)

Tekton Torx Drivers May Actually be Better


After reading through the reviews on the Tekton Torx drivers, I can say that the set may actually be even better than the Phillips and Flat version plus it’s quite comparable to the Snap-On set that sells for over $200.


As you can see above, the Tekton set of Torx screw drivers is priced much more reasonably than anything you can buy on the Snap-On or any other tool truck. Are they worth buying at that price even for professional mechanics?

Having a set of Torx drivers in the repair shop is a necessity more than a need, especially with everyone from Chevy to VW lining it’s engines with Torx fasteners.

If space is limited in your tool box, Tekton also sells an organizer for its screw drivers on Amazon reasonably priced. It’s a 10-piece holder, so you might need a couple of you decide to buy the Torx and Standard sets– but it still won’t set you back nearly as much as the tool truck.

Does TEKTON’s Warranty Compare to Snap-On?

Another important thing to consider when buying a Snap-On equivalent or comparison versus the real thing is the tools warranty. Does Tekton offer a good warranty and what is the procedure to replace broken hand tools from the company?

I’ve covered TEKTON’s warranty on hand tools in previous posts like my review of the folding palm ratchet and these screw drivers carry the exact same replacement policy.

In order to warranty a set of Tekton screw or Torx drivers, simply go to the warranty page and enter the requested information. Usually a picture and description of how the tool broke or what damaged it will be enough to have a replacement sent to you quickly.

Have you Used Tekton Screw Drivers?

If you have used any of the newer version hard-handle Tekton screw driver sets and want to leave your opinion below, please do. Let me know how you think these tool truck alternatives compare to the world-famous Snap-On screw drivers.


Author- John Green


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