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TEKTON’s Folding Palm Ratchet Review

TEKTON’s Folding Palm Ratchet is Awesome- Look at the Reviews


All too often a mechanic finds him or herself in a position where they need more room or need a better ratchet for tight spots where space is an issue. Tool companies are innovative and keep coming up with solutions to problems like this. Making a ratchet for spots that are hard to get to is where TEKTON tools did an excellent job with this little 3/8 drive folding “palm ratchet”. It’s similar to the Snap On fkf80a stubby flex-head without the 80 degree Dual Drive, but it does have a higher tooth count at 90.

Tekton folding palm ratchet
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TEKTON’s wrenches and ratchets made a name for themselves selling on Amazon. Since then their quality hand tools have emerged as an alternative to Snap On and Mac Tools or the “tool truck brands”. Home Depot has even picked up Tekton as one of their leading hand tool lines.

This newest design of hand tool, the TEKTON SRH35104 folding ratchet is perfect for high leverage, small access spaces like replacing heater cores, a/c condensers or working on wiring under the dash.

What is the Tekton Folding Ratchet?


This Tekton folding ratchet is just what the name suggests. It’s a 3/8 inch drive ratchet that folds in half. The design is comparable to the Snap On fkf80a stubby flex head ratchet but it’s $100 cheaper. Click on the picture to get a closer look at this little beauty. The finish on the TEKTON alternative looks amazing and the SRH35104 screams quality.


You’re probably wondering what good is a ratchet that folds in half, right? Is this TEKTON folding ratchet just a gimmick? What uses does a stubby flex-head ratchet that folds completely have? Just think about the ways a 3/8 drive ratchet as versatile as the SRH35104 TEKTON folding ratchet could be useful. In an auto industry that’s making cars more compact every day, tools for tight spots are crucial to have on hand.


TEKTON Most Popular Tools on Amazon

Is TEKTON’s the best 3/8 ratchet in tight spaces?


When I say that the Tekton is a folding ratchet, it’s just that. It’s a sturdy 3/8 drive ratchet that folds in half. The benefit of the SRH35104 folding ratchet is all in the way the handle works and it’s ability to provide maximum leverage in hard to reach spots. If you have ever used a stubby flex-head ratchet before, the SRH35104 is nearly identical but it can be folded completely.


Instead of being straight, or a set angle- the Tekton folding ratchet can be put in almost any position. The benefit of the TEKTON ratchet’s handle is to provide the best torque and leverage in tight spaces. The SRH35104 can be used in a completely folded position and used as a “palm ratchet”. That’s the biggest difference between the TEKTON and the Snap On stubby flex head.


One scenario the TEKTON folding ratchet is especially useful is under the dash of cars, trucks and other equipment. Replacing heater cores, HVAC actuators, installing remote starters or replacing blower motors. If you’re looking for the best ratchet to use under the dash, this TEKTON folding ratchet is going to be the number one choice.


With TEKTON’s 90 tooth ratchet design, using the folding ratchet is as smooth as a Snap On ratchet. I’ll be the first to admit that Snap On’s ratchets are their best hand tool and patented 80 tooth Dual Drive is excellent.  TEKTON exceeds their tooth count though with 90 teeth and new designs like this folding ratchet have made TEKTON a major competitor to Snap On’s ratchets.


Is the TEKTON folding ratchet any better than Snap On?


I said TEKTON is a tool truck competitor and alternative but are their tools better than Snap On, Mac or Matco? At the end of the day, we’re always looking for a tool that works better- not the same as the last one. TEKTON’s website shows the SRH35104 removing a bolt 6 seconds quicker than a straight 3/8 ratchet, using the palm held design. I’m sure the comparison wasn’t a top of the line ratchet, but the video of the TEKTON folding ratchet was effective at showing how it could be a good alternative to other ratchets.


It may not sound like much but six seconds saved on every fastener adds up to a lot of labor hours. Think of this, if you work a flat rate mechanic job. How much money you make depends on how much time you can save compared to “book time” doing the job. Six seconds per bolt adds up to a lot of labor hours at the end of a week.


Reviews on the quality of the TEKTON folding ratchet have been nothing short of spectacular. So, the answer may be yes. The TEKTON folding ratchet is as good as or better than the Snap On version.


We have seen in prior posts that Snap On is not always the best option and sometimes you can get the same quality in a much cheaper brand. 


Where can you buy TEKTON tools?


Buying Snap On tools is convenient because the truck comes and pays us a visit every week. You can buy TEKTON tools on Amazon though and have them before the tool truck makes it back home. The world has grown accustomed to buying tools (and everything else) online in 2022.


If you need the tool now, Home Depot has taken on TEKTON tools as one of their top hand tool lines. You can buy some TEKTON hand tools in the store, but most of the automotive specialty tools like this folding ratchet are sold online.


TEKTON tools will be the best choice for hand tools online though, I promise you. The first TEKTON tool I bought was the 30-60 angle head wrenches and they are beautiful. The finish is amazing and I have owned very few tools that were more useful.


How are the TEKTON SRH35104 Folding Ratchet Reviews?


One of the ways I find tools worth buying is look at the reviews on Amazon and other websites. How are the reviews of the TEKTON SRH35104 Folding Ratchet on Amazon and elsewhere?


TEKTON 3/8 drive SRH25104 folding ratchet wrench
This little folding ratchet made by TEKTON is a great alternative to the Snap On version.


  1. This little ratchet gets a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The reviews and rating of the TEKTON folding ratchet are significant because buyers on Amazon are quick to review the best tools they find, but also quick to give a bad review if a tool does not perform well.


One review of the TEKTON SRH35104 folding ratchet by “Stevo” says,


”Great little ratchet. Long enough to still have good torque but small enough for right spaces” 


Remember Amazon reviews are from verified buyers, so you can be confident this person has used the TEKTON folding ratchet and this is what he thinks of it. You can read the review and check out the SRH35104 at the link above.



What’s TEKTON’s warranty and is it easy to return broken tools?


TEKTON has a pretty standard warranty process. If you break a hand tool or “it doesn’t work like it should”, TEKTON will replace it free of charge. On TEKTON’s website, you will be asked to send a photo of your broken tool along with a description of what is wrong with your tool. Once approved by TEKTON, they will send a new tool to the address you provide them with.


According to the users of TEKTON tools all over the internet, warrantying a tool is simple and easy, no questions asked. One question I hear a lot is do you need a receipt to warranty TEKTON tools? The answer according to them, is “not in most cases”. This is a huge benefit to buying from TEKTON. No one in the year 2022 keeps receipts.


Actual users of TEKTON tools have spoken about the warranty process,

Reddit user u/b-assblaster. (I know.) says


“Thank you TEKTON! Free Warranty Replacement. No questions asked!”


Garage Journal member “8200rpm” says,


The replacement process was so easy that it’s unbelievable that a manufacturer can offer this type of support as standard business practice.





How much is a Tekton Folding Ratchet in comparison to a Snap On ratchet?


To get similar functionality as the Tekton folding ratchet, you could go on the Snap On truck and buy a stubby flex head 3/8 drive ratchet. Snap On does make one, the part number is flf80a and people are selling them on eBay for $120!

The Tekton Folding Ratchet costs $38 on Amazon and I promise you the quality will be comparable to a Snap On ratchet and the warranty is lifetime as well. Go look at it for yourself, it’s a well built little ratchet. 


If you read any of my posts, you will quickly see that I love Snap On alternatives especially in hand tools. Mechanics work really hard for our money and Snap On has built a marketing  empire exploiting us with Chinese made tools in 2022. There are cheaper, equal alternatives especially in ratchets and wrenches.

Who makes Tekton tools?


As I just told you, many of Snap On’s tools are made overseas. TEKTON also has manufacturing operations in Taiwan, but as of March 2022 the company announced a major shift to US manufacturers.This is good news for the quality of TEKTON tools, which was already top notch. The fact that TEKTON tools are made in the USA is just another reason to buy them.

Craftsman used to be the leader in tools built in the USA, but even those went overseas when Stanley Black & Decker took over. Sure, some TEKTON tools are built in Taiwan, but the company has expanding operations in the USA and warrantying the SRH35104 is a simple process.



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