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Denali by Skil “Amazon Brand” Worth Buying?

Amazon Denali by Skil: Cheap but is it worth buying?


Amazon Brand can be found on everything from tools to supplements and even medication in 2022. This Christmas, one of the “Very Merry Deals” on Amazon are these Denali by Skil power tools but are they worth buying? Even at a very low price point some tools just aren’t worth the money. Is this the case with Amazon’s Denali power tool line made by Skil- the manufacturer of the most popular circular saw of all time?


In this post, I’m going to look at the quality and reviews of these Denali power tools by Skil. I’m also going to look at what’s in the line of tools, the price of these “Amazon-brand” power tools and why are they so cheap? At the end I’m going to give you an overview of the warranty on Denali by SKIL followed by how to warranty Amazon’s power tools if they fail.


Skil 20V 4-Tool Set
Click the image to see the reviews and price of this tool kit.

This set sold on Amazon is nearly identical to the Denali set. Instead of the light, Skil includes an impact screw driver and the kit of power tools costs $50 less.

Who Makes Denali Tools?


What kind of power tools does Amazon sell as their brand? Mostly tools marketed at carpentry, home-improvement and basically any other DIY type project at home. Obviously I wasn’t surprised to learn that Denali “made by SKIL” was making carpentry tools like circular saws, cordless drills, drivers, jigsaws and impact drivers. Even though not automotive mostly- I like a good, cheap cordless drill for my home projects as much as the next guy. Is Denali a good brand for these purposes though?



This kit of Denali 20V power tools is listed on Amazon for just $224 right now. Who makes Denali Tools is the same brand that invented the Skilsaw. It’s worth a further look if you know and trust the Skil brand. There’s also a drill driver kit that comes with a driver a 2.0 Ah battery and a charger for less than $75 on Amazon.

In order to figure out the answer to that question it’s important to look at things like how many volts Denali power tools are? What are the battery options? Can I easily replace the batteries if one doesn’t hold up? What kind of home-improvement projects can I get done with Denali power tools? Are these “Amazon brand” tools any better than store brands I can go pick up at Walmart, Home Depot or Harbor Freight?


How many volts are Denali power tools?


In order to determine if Denali by Skil is actually worth buying, it’s important to compare these power tools to popular options like Milwaukee, DeWalt and Hart tools sold by Wal Mart. In comparison, Denali tools come with the Skil PWRCore 20 volt battery system. This is comparable to most of the new power tool lineups from all different brands.

In my opinion it was a marketing failure on behalf of Amazon not to include PWRCore 20V in its Denali by Skil product description. Since marketing is not Amazon’s weakness, I suspect it may have been part of the deal for them to offer the brand as their own. Anyways.

Milwaukee’s flagship power tools are 18V, DeWalt comes with a 20V system, Ryobi is an 18V system and Hart is also using a 20V  battery in its power tools. At least on paper, Denali power tools compare with Milwaukee, DeWalt and Craftsman when it comes to power.


Where can I replace Denali by Skil batteries?


Denali by Skil 20 volt batteries are actually pretty affordable on Amazon, so there’s really no reason to buy generics like with DeWalt or Milwaukee. A 4.0 Ah PWRCore 20V Lithium battery for the Denali by Skil power tools will only cost you $45 right on Amazon. If you’re looking to buy a new battery for your Denali tools, go straight to the source and buy them on Amazon.


I did not see any compatible generics for these Denali 20V batteries and Amazon would probably have an issue if they did start showing up. For now, my best advice is to buy from Amazon. See the below price.



But are their better cheap 20 volt power tools on the market?


Store brand power tools have stepped up their game and started to market electric tools for professional carpenters, plumbers and mechanics. Wal-Mart jumped on the cheaper power tool wagon a couple years ago with the Hart line of 20 and 40 volt tools. Are these Denali “by Skil” Amazon brand tools comparable to those of the same quality as Hart, Ryobi etc?


Usually my first step in reviewing an electric tool like the Denali line would be to evaluate the Amazon reviews. In the case of an “Amazon brand” tool, I didn’t find this process to be appropriate for getting idea of what quality they were though. In this case, it was a better idea to find reviews on the Denali by Skil line of tools elsewhere.


How are reviews of the Denali by Skil power tools?


I figured YouTube reviews of the Denali by Skil brand would be more reliable than ones shows on Amazon’s own website. Independent reviews of a power tool are going to be more accurate and give me a better idea the quality of these Denali tools made by Skil.


In case you were wondering though, the Denali by Skil Amazon reviews averaged around 4.8 out of 5 stars. How much value you put on a rating done by the company selling the tool is up to you. It’s just my job to relay information and that’s what I found regarding the Amazon ratings of their store brand electric power tools.


After watching a couple unbiased ratings on the Denali power tools, I came away with the opinion I expected on these “Amazon’s Choice” tools. It turned out they are as reliable and durable as Skil brand tools just at a relatively healthy discount. One video was specifically a review of the 20V Denali grinder and it looked promising.


It actually looks like these Denali power tools are nothing more than a partnership between Skil and Amazon. The benefit Skil gets is a huge customer base on Amazon and the incentive for Amazon comes in “their own tool brand”, earning a cut of the profit for each tool bearing the Denali name they sell.


Where are Denali by Skil electric tools made?


Unfortnately, as with most tools and everything else we consume, Denali by Skil tools are made in China. For comparison, Milwaukee makes some of its tools in the USA with headquarters based right in the City of Milwaukee but many are also made in China and elsewhere. DeWalt also claims to make tools in the USA, but also have manufacturers in nearly a dozen countries.


Whether the fact that Denali power tools are made in China is a reason not to buy them is up to you. I support American businesses in any way possible, but the sad reality is most things (tools included) are made overseas for a cheaper price in 2022. Should I buy tools made in China? Probably not. But do I buy all tools made in the USA? No, and anyone that tell you they do is lying or mis-informed.


How does price of Denali by Skil compare to other store brands?

These Denali tools are obviously being marketed at the DIY carpenter and people looking to do home improvement projects with an affordable line of power tools. Are they any cheaper than other “store brands” like Hart, Bauer and Ryobi?


I found it interesting after doing some research that Skil is actually selling a similar set that offers an additional cordless driver for $50 less on Amazon. This could be promotional but while it lasts it might be a better deal to buy the actual Skil power tool set for $184.00.


To compare, the similar assortment of Hart brand power tools is on sale right now at Wal Mart for $198.00 and Ryobi’s 18V set is on sale for $198.00 at Home Depot. With all of these power tool brands selling around the same price, there is another aspect to look at.


How is the price of Denali 20V batteries versus Hart, Ryobi or other store brands?


I didn’t intend to compare the price of Denali by Skil batteries with that of Hart, Ryobi or any other power tool brands to be honest. With all of these sets selling around the same price though, there has to be a deciding factor in which brand to buy. Replacement battery prices could prove to be the reason to buy a Denali power tool versus a Ryobi, so it’s my job to give you that information.


Denali 20V Battery Price


The cheapest replacement for Denali 20V batteries I have found are actually the ones made by Skil. They sell the 4.0 Ah “PWRCore 20V” for $45.47. These batteries are compatible with the 20V “Amazon Brand” electric tools.



Hart 20V Battery Price


Wal Marts Hart brand 20V, 4.0 Ah battery is listed on the company’s website for $89 which is absurd considering the price of its competitors. Amazon does offer some “Hart Compatible”, but generics are hit or miss with batteries.


Amazon does list these two 2.0 Ah 20V Hart batteries at $57.99, but still not a great price when compared to DeWalt and Milwaukee, two of the world leaders in power tools.


Ryobi 18V Battery Price


Ryobi 18V 4.0 Ah batteries are under $45 on Amazon. If you decide to buy them at Home Depot, expect to pay more for this Ryobi. Amazon has pretty much the lowest price on everything on the market in 2022 leading into 2023.


Milwaukee M18 Battery Price


I’m actually a little surprised to see the M18 battery is cheaper than the DeWalt, but it’s a pleasant surprise. Milwaukee is, well it’s Milwaukee. Need I say more?


DeWalt 20V Battery Price


Although this DeWalt battery is 5.0 Ah, it’s almost double the price of a Skil battery for the Denali tools. Granted, DeWalt is a trusted and reliable power tool brand.


The reason I think comparing the price of power tool batteries is important is because after the initial purchase, batteries will be the most costly accessory for your electric tools. If you buy a $100 set of power tools but the batteries are junk and cost $300 a pop to replace, did you get the best possible deal?


Denali by Skil 20V batteries are priced to be affordable.


If you use electric tools often, no matter the brand the batteries will eventually need to be replaced. It’s one of the things about Lithium batteries. Even with the best brand of power tool out there, lithium-ion batteries will only take so many charge cycles before it’s time to buy new ones.


It’s important therefore when considering which brand of power tools you want to own that battery price is a big factor in the buying process. Batteries can be the difference between a good electric tool and a not-so good one. It’s also important to buy one brand and stick with it or at least another compatible brand. Nobody wants to worry about having three different type of battery for their electric tools.


How’s the Warranty on Denali by Skil Electric Power Tools?

In every tool review that I do, one of the things I look at is the warranty policy of the product. This time is no different and we are going to look at the warranty on Amazon’s Denali electric tools. After I tell you what the warranty is on these tools made by Skil, I’m going to talk about how to warranty them if one of your tools is defective or breaks.


What’s the warranty on Denali power tools?


In its listing on Amazon, the Denali 20V by Skil tool set claims to be covered by “The 2-year battery and 5-year tool warranty.” The language in this warranty policy led me to believe it would be Skil covering any replacement issues with the Denali tools, so I went to the companies website to get more information on this warranty.


As I suspected, the warranty on Denali products is exactly the same as the one offered by Skil. The company will warranty a battery for two years and a power tool for five. This warranty on Skil power tools and batteries require registration and in the fine print states the following.

“if a SKIL consumer tool is used for industrial, professional, or commercial purposes, the foregoing warranty will apply for a duration of ninety days, regardless of registration.”


If you plan to use your Denali tools in a professional setting, be sure not to tell the company about it when you go to warranty they tool.


Where and How do I Warranty Denali by Skil power tools?


Offering a warranty is only half of the equation when it comes to tools. Having an easy way and a convenient location to replace your broken tools is the other half. In the case of Denali by Skil, the warranty appears to be an entirely online process. There are no stores that will warranty your Denali power tools in person.


Will Amazon warranty my broken Denali power tools?


Since Amazon has adopted Denali by Skil as an Amazon brand, it’s worth asking if the company will warranty broken tools directly? Sadly, the answer is no. Amazon will not warranty Denali by Skil directly, instead referring buyers to the manufacturer website which is Skil to have defective tools replaced or traded in. Bummer.


What about Denali Hand tools for mechanics?


One of the reviews I found while looking into these new Amazon electric tools introduced me to a hand tool set also made by the same company. The review on the Denali by Skil mechanic tool set was interesting, but it pointed out several flaws in design such as a one-inch socket in 3/8” drive.


I honestly didn’t do a ton of digging on this because I did a post this week highlighting 7 better tool sets for mechanics and this one never even was on my radar. When it comes to mechanic tool sets, I think it’s a good idea to stick to brands that have a name for themselves in hand tools. I even pointed that out with the Ingersoll Rand mechanic tool set.


Should you buy Denali 20V power tools for your home-improvement and DIY projects?


One of the questions I hoped to answer in my research was if Denali by Skil were a good power tool for DIY and home improvement projects? I think in the end, I went above and beyond that by pointing out strengths and weaknesses as well as giving you guys all of the fair comparison to other electric tools that I could.


In my opinion, given the trusted Skil name and Amazon backing it, the Denali electric power tool brand is worth buying for your home improvement and DIY projects. What do you guys think? Should Denali be considered one of the better cheap power tool brands on the market or do you think these are junk alternatives?



If you purchase through my website, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. All posts are well researched and meant to find you better tools at a cheaper price. 

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