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Don’t Buy Snap-On Wrenches Before Seeing This Alternative

Snap-On Wrenches are Among the Best. Are They Better Than This Alternative?

Snap-On wrenches are pretty much first in class when it comes to metric and standard spanners including specialty tools like flare nut wrenches, angle head and more. Fairly new to the market though, the Tekton WCB91202 wrench are starting to look like a great alternative to the Snap-On in terms of quality, price and even warranty surprisingly.

If you have no experience with Tekton you might be wondering how they could possibly make a wrench that’s comparable to Snap-On and sell it at the price Tekton does. In this post, I’m going to introduce you to the WCB91202 finished chrome 19-Piece (6-24mm) wrench set by convincing you it’s a good alternative to Snap-On wrenches and the hefty price tag that comes with them.

First Look at the Tekton WCB91202 6-24mm Wrench Set

Auto technician holding the 19mm Tekton chrome finished wrench in hand
The finish on the Tekton wrenches is absolutely stunning. Click for more info, reviews and where to buy the WCB91202.

As you can see from the above photo, the newest set of Tekton wrenches definitely compares to Snap-On in terms of the way they look and feel. Can these Tekton wrenches perform as well as Snap-On though? Looks aren’t everything, especially when it concerns tools and wrenches.

Some things to consider when deciding which wrench set to buy are the following,

  • Are the Tekton wrenches going to fit as well as Snap-On?
  • How long will the chrome finish last?
  • Are Tekton wrenches made in the USA?
  • What’s the difference in price and warranty between the Snap-On wrenches and Tekton?

Now that we know which factors are important when deciding between the Tekton and Snap-On wrenches, let’s try to get a more in-depth view and look at some reviews of the Tekton wrenches.

Do Tekton Wrenches Fit Like Snap-On Wrenches?

One of the most important parts of a wrench is how it fits on a fastener and if it can remove nuts, bolts etc. without damaging them. Snap-On has mastered this with its flank drive and that’s why most mechanics prefer Snap-On wrenches. But does Tekton have a technology similar to flank drive? Or does Tekton in some way remove fasteners as cleanly as it’s Snap-On counterpart?

In order to answer the question if Tekton wrenches damage fasteners, I looked for real-life user experience with them. What I found was a pleasant surprise. It appears that the original Tekton chrome wrench set from 2020 wasn’t great but the new revamped version from 2023 is a strongly recommended and highly praised wrench set.

One user on Amazon (LDJG) has the following to say about how well the Tekton wrenches fit and whether or not they damage nuts and bolts-

These are sturdy and high quality. They are a good balance of overall value when compared to price. The heads are well cast and not too thick, so they fit well over bolt heads and nuts while also fitting well into tight spots. – Verified Purchase on Amazon. 

Although Amazon reviews are far from the definitive answer, judging by some of the reviews I’m going to show you later on these Tekton wrenches they are definitely a good choice for a Snap-On wrench alternative.

How Long Will the Chrome Last on Tekton Wrenches?

Maybe not as important as how well the Tekton wrenches fit on nuts and bolts, but finding out how long the chrome finish will last is also a big deal. It will be important when you’re contemplating whether to ditch Snap-On wrenches and replace them with Tekton.

In my research I was disappointed to find out that the earlier versions of Tekton chrome wrench sets did have an issue with the finish chipping off as well as blemishes. I did however find through my vigilant review of Amazon ratings and comments that the newer set, the WCB91202 does not appear to have the same issue with the chrome peeling.

Where are Tekton Tools Made? Is It the USA?

Where your tools are made is one of those things that may be more important to one mechanic than another. It is however a question I get all the time, so I will address if Tekton Tools are made in the USA and if not, where are they built?

The answer is although Tekton used to be mainly made in Taiwan, the company (since gaining popularity) has since started to make most of its tools in the USA.

It’s not just wrenches either. Tekton Tools has started to make dozens of it’s most popular tools in the USA. If you want to get an idea of which Tekton Tools are actually made in the USA, check out this YouTube Video titled “All the USA Made Tekton Tools”.

Are Tekton Cheaper than Snap-On Wrenches?

In the past, auto technicians have always been willing to pay a huge premium for tools bought on the Snap-On truck. With the internet and Amazon specifically undercutting the price of tools though, in 2023 it’s cheaper than ever to get tools that compare very well to Snap-On. So how does the price of a set of Tekton wrenches compare to the Snap-On equivalent?

One of the closest Snap-On wrench sets in terms of the options, number of wrenches, quality and the reviews is the 23-piece Flank Drive set that lists for $1300 on Snap-On’s website.

23 piece snap on flank drive wrench set in set
Here’s the closest comparable Snap-On wrench set. It lists for over $1,000 more than the Tekton.

In contrast, there is a set of 19 Tekton chrome polished wrenches on Amazon for $115.

Now even if you are a loyal Snap-On fanboy and only buy from the tool truck, can you think of anything about Snap-On wrenches that would justify over a thousand dollar difference in price?

Sure there’s Snap-On flank drive, but does a slight difference in the ability to remove fasteners without damaging them equate to over $1,000 difference in price? Maybe it’s the warranty from Snap-On that adds up to the huge difference between the price of the Snap-On and the Tekton wrenches. Let’s discuss it further.

Is Snap-On’s Warranty Better or Longer Than Tekton Tools?

A simple Google search of the term “Tekton Tools warranty” immediately yields the answer regarding length of the company’s guarantee. Here’s the excerpt from Tekton’s support page.

Once a tool becomes yours, we’re available to help you no matter where you got it or how long ago. Our guarantee has no time limits and no fine print.

The above paragraph makes it pretty clear how long Tekton will warranty it’s wrench sets– Forever. The question remains though, what is the process to warranty a tool and is it free to replace a broken Tekton tool?

How and Where to Warranty Tekton Tools?

In my experience I have found that the easiest way to warranty a broken Tekton tool is through the online form on the company’s Support page. Not only does Tekton pay for the shipping involved in a warranty claim, they also do not require any proof of purchase and there is no time limit of a Tekton tools warranty.

You don’t have to worry about keeping receipts. If you own the tool, our support comes with it.

The above excerpt from the company’s website says all you need to know about it’s excellent warranty. But how does the warranty differ from that of Snap-On?

Warranty by Mail Versus Tool Truck is the Only Difference

The only real difference between the Tekton and Snap-On warranty terms and procedures is that Tekton does not have a tool truck to assist with replacing broken tools. Where Snap-On gives mechanics an opportunity every week (generally) to warranty a tool, Tekton may take slightly longer due to the mail-in process.

Conclusion- Even if for At-Home Use, Tekton Wrenches Shouldn’t be Overlooked.

After doing extensive research on Tekton tools and also owning many myself, I can tell you definitively that the tools are impressive in 2023 and have only got better since they became popular 4-5 years ago.

If you need a wrench set and you want it to be comparable to Snap-On but far cheaper, the WCB91202 would be a great choice. You can buy it cheapest by clicking on the link below. 

19-Piece Tekton Chrome Polished Wrench Set

By John Green

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