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Do ASE Certified Technicians Make More Money?

Do ASE Certifications help techs make more money?    It’s been a debate around automotive shops for decades. Some people claim that certifications are important while others will tell you having them is essentially useless. Therefore- especially for new techs starting out in the automotive field, it’s important to ask if ASE certified mechanics make […]


When your HHR can’t hold it’s bladder 😳

You can check out the YouTube video by clicking on the link below! It’s epic to say the least.


Why Are My Astro 52SL Lights Dim?

I bought an Astro Pneumatic 52SL work light and after a month it doesn’t work  In an earlier post, I touted the Astro Pneumatic 52SL folding light as one of the best automotive lighting tools. That opinion was based on a month or so of use and abuse of the 52SL folding model by Astro […]

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Snap-On Neck Lights: Worth the Extra Cost?

Neck lights are my favorite-Is Snap On’s the best option?  Snap On neck lights have been around since late 2020. It seems to be recently though, I’ve heard more discussion regarding the hands free lights. I’ve even seen several YouTube reviews on the Snap On hands-free neck lights.    In this post, I’m going to […]

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Icon Tools: Comparable to Snap-On or Better?

Icon sells wrenches and hand tools that compare to Snap-On Harbor Freight has been a staple among auto repair techs and DIY mechanics for decades. For many years, the tool supplier focused mostly on budget tools and affordable options. In an attempt to compete with tool trucks like Matco, Snap On and Mac Tools they are […]