Ken-Tool 32129 Lock Ring Removal Set for Fork Truck Tires

Ken-Tool 32129 Fork Truck Lock Ring Removal Set

In todays post I’m going to talk about and review a tool that I use quite frequently. It’s not a tool that most people probably use on a daily basis, but if you are in charge of replacing fork truck tires, the Ken-Tool 32129 Wheel Lock Ring Removal Tool is something you will use every single day.

Ken-Tool 32129 fork truck wheel tire removal tool bars
Here’s a picture of the Ken-Tool 32129 fork truck wheel lock removal bars. Click the image for more info, reviews and where to buy.

Although it’s possible to use regular tire bars to remove the lock ring on forklift wheels to change the tires, it’s far from the ideal way to take off an old fork truck tire and replace it with a new one. If removing and replacing industrial fork truck tires like the ones below are a part of your daily routine and you don’t own a set of these lock ring removal tools, it’s time you are introduced.

Orange lock ring removal set Ken tool 32129 for fork truck forklift Hyster Toyota wheels tires
In this photo, you can see what the Ken-Tool 32129 Wheel Lock Ring Removal Tool in action. Click the picture for info, reviews and where to buy.

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What are the Ken-Tool 32129 Tire Bars Used For?

If you know, you know. I probably don’t have to tell you what the Ken-Tool 32129 wheel lock ring removal bars are for if you are on this but I’m going to anyways. Knowledge is power and maybe you have a use for these high-quality tire bars but you don’t realize it yet.

In short, a set of tire bars like the ones in this post- the Ken-Tool 32129 lock ring removal bars are used for removing and then replacing the C-Clip style lock ring that holds certain fork truck tires on the wheel. If you aren’t familiar with changing forklift tires, think of a C-Clip that holds a ball joint in place but much larger- sometimes as wide as 24 or more inches.

How Do You Use the Ken-Tool 32129 Lock Ring Removers?

Lock ring style fork truck wheel painted black
This is the style of fork truck wheel that the Ken-Tool 32129 will be used to remove and replace.

Using the Ken-Tool 32129 lock ring removal bars is only difficult if you have never used them. Once you know how to use the wheel lock removal tool, there is no chance you will ever go back to changing fork truck tires without them. Quickly I’ll give you a run-down how this special set of tire bars is used to remove and replace fork lift tires.

Using the 32129 to Remove Wheel Lock Ring

Changing out tires on a fork truck is much more than just removing the lock ring, but I’ll give you some resources on the part that pertains to these Ken-Tool bars. In order to press and dismount forklift tires, you will also need a large press and specialty dies but for the sake of this post I’m going to assume you already knew that and you already have a hydraulic press.

pressing a fork truck tire using the Ken-tool 32129 bar set
Here’s a part of the process to remove the wheel lock ring from a fork truck tire.

In this video posted originally by Ken-Tool, the company explains exactly how to use their tire bars part number 32129. It’s the best explanation that I can find to go along with this post about fork truck wheel lock ring removal tools.

Ideally you should have someone show you how to remove or replace a fork truck tire of this style but if you’re in a pinch and need help, that video might be helpful. I don’t recommend trying to change fork truck tires until someone that has done it can show you the process first. It is far more dangerous to replace a solid fork lift tire than a car, truck or even trailer tire.

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Where Can You Buy the Ken-Tool Wheel Lock Removal Bars?

A tool like the Ken-Tool wheel lock removal bars isn’t something that you’re going to find at the local auto parts or even at most tool stores. In my opinion, the cheapest place to buy a set of fork truck lock ring removal bars is on the internet.

Amazon sells the most popular brand of industrial fork truck wheel lock ring removing bars which is Ken-Tool for around $250. If you think that price is high, take a look around and then come back to this post.

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