09 Volvo S60 Loud Knock on Cam Hubs

Today at work, I had the pleasure of hoisting a 2009 Volvo S60 with the 2.5 liter turbo straight from the used car auction. In the video below, you will see that this particular Volvo S60 had a loud knocking noise near the timing belt cover area.

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Since I work at a used car dealership, a good percentage of my work is on cars from the auction. It’s a headache sometimes, but it gives me the opportunity to work on all makes and models. It also gives me a ton of experience diagnosing and repairing difficult issues with different engines.


The loud knocking noise in the engine of this Volvo S60 is common.

I’m a firm believer that a mechanics ability to do research is one of his or her most important qualities. When you work on every make and model, you will find out quickly that research is your friend.

So, naturally when I heard this loud knocking noise near the timing belt on this Volvo 2.5 liter turbo I took a short video and posted it on The Wrenching Network. I admitted that I’m not familiar with Volvo engines and a couple techs sent me in the right direction. According to them, it’s a common issue with the Volvo S60 engine. In the Indy tech world, you learn something new by the minute.

The VVT pulleys on the end of the camshafts are known to fail in the Volvo S60.

After one user told me that it’s common for the Camshaft Timing Gear to fail and cause a noise in the engine, I started researching. I found a tip to finding the noise in the engine of this Volvo S60. Apparently if you unplug the VVT solenoid with the engine running and

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