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Milwaukee Impact Guns: Mid, High and Extreme Torque!

Milwaukee Impact Guns Come in All Different Sizes

One of the unique thing about Milwaukee tools’ impact wrenches is they come in all different sizes and versions making it easy for every tech to find the one that’s right for him or her. One is the newest model of the high-torque 2863-20 and another is the mid-torque 2962-20 which is a lighter, less hefty cordless impact.

This is the high-torque Milwaukee impact on Amazon with a battery and charger. The entire combo costs less than $300.


Of course there are several key differences between the mid-torque and high-torque, which we will get into in this post, but my main goal is to help you decide if the larger Milwaukee impact fits your needs or if you can get away with the mid-torque. With the two having a fairly big price gap, it’s important to spend your money on the tool that is going to be the best for the job.

Key Differences Between High-and Mid-Torque Milwaukee 1/2” Impact

It doesn’t take an expert to figure out what the difference between a mid-torque and high-torque impact gun is, but for the benefit of new technicians just starting to buy tools, it’s worth taking a look at the difference in specs between the two versions of Milwaukee impact.

High-Torque Main Specifications


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How Much Does the High-Torque Cost?

Here’s a picture of the Milwaukee 2863-20 High-Torque. Click for more info and latest pricing.

When looking at the price of a Milwaukee 2863-20, it’s going to depend on where you buy it. I have always bought my Milwaukee tools on Amazon because for whatever reason, they are always cheaper than anywhere else. Right now, the price on Amazon is in the $250-300 tool-only. If you need M18 batteries, you can get those on Amazon also.

Mid-Torque Main Specifications

Since the mid and high-torque impacts are both on the same Milwaukee M18 platform, some of these specs are going to be very similar. The key differences we want to look at are the torque specs, weight and price of the impact wrench.


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How Much Does the Mid-Torque Cost?

Just like the other versions of Milwaukee’s impact guns and other cordless tools, there are many stores and websites you can purchase from. I have always bought mine from Amazon and I use their price because it’s been my experience that it’s always the lowest price available. It also helps that Amazon has the best customer service and reputation of any online retailer in the world.

This newest version of the mid-torque, PN 2962-20 is less than $200 on Amazon. Compared to $600 or more for Snap-On, I’ll take the Milwaukee.


Should You Buy a Mid or High-Torque Milwaukee Impact?

Now that you have read and hopefully understand the differences between the two versions of 1/2” impact that Milwaukee offers, it’s time to decide which of the two fits your needs or if neither do and you should instead buy a Snap-On CT9080 or even another brand of cordless impact.

Some of the key considerations to make when choosing between a high-torque and mid-torque impact gun or instead buying another brand are breakaway torque, overall weight, durability and warranty. Once you take a look at those things that I listed above, you should ask yourself what am I going to be using my impact wrench for?

Different Techs Need Different Tools

If the primary use for your impact is removing lug nuts, doing minor suspension work and brake jobs, the mid-torque Milwaukee impact will provide plenty of torque to get all of those jobs done. If your job includes heavier applications, things like working on industrial equipment, the high-torque impact is going to serve you better as you will have enough torque for most jobs and you can turn the settings down for lighter stuff. If you are a heavy duty tech, it’s possible that neither of these impacts are the best option for you.

In this case, Milwaukee has a better option. The company sells a 3/4” and even a 1” impact gun! Both of which are ridiculously powerful. I have used the 3/4” version many times and I had the honor of testing the 1” demo while I was working in the heavy duty field. Milwaukee’s representative let us try the 1” impact to remove lug nuts on a tractor trailer and it worked flawlessly. It’s a good option to consider when choosing an impact gun to keep in a service truck that does heavy equipment road calls or mobile mechanic services.

I know reviewing the 1” Milwaukee impact wasn’t a key point in this post, but damn that picture speaks for itself. The kicker is you can buy that impact with a record 2,000 ft lb of breakaway torque for less than a Snap-On 1/2” cordless impact.


Conclusion- Milwaukee Power Tools are Best in Class

In a class of tools that are cordless, battery operated and highly portable- Milwaukee has made itself the best of the best. It’s no minor achievement with competition in the tool industry, especially the cordless segment being extremely competitive and highly innovative. Competition from Snap-On, DeWalt, Makita, Ryobi, Skil and the list goes on, makes it impossible for the company to stop innovating. The cordless power tool market is literally a race to the top and at this point Milwaukee is looking down at the alternatives when it comes to price, quality and durability.

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