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EZ Red Detachable NE220 LED Neck Light Compared to Snap-On?

EZ Red Detachable LED Neck Lights are Worth Every Penny

Ever since the day that I learned EZ Red was the company who made Snap-On neck lights, I have wondered when the former company would come out with a set of detachable neck lights similar to the Snap-On ECHDD012. In the meantime, I have been faithful to my EZ Red NK15 neck lights, but I have been patiently awaiting the release of a version with lights that remove and can be used for other purposes like a basic flashlight or drop light.

Well folks, the day has arrived and personally I couldn’t be any happier that I can now buy neck lights with detachable heads from EZ Red instead of the tool truck alternative. For more than a 50% discount, we can now buy the EZ Red NE220 LED detachable neck lights straight from Amazon. Let’s take a look.

What are the EZ Red NE220 LED Detachable Neck Lights?

If you came across the EZ Red detachable neck lights or you were looking for the original NK15 Anywear neck lights and accidentally found the detachable version instead, you likely want to know more about them. You’re in the right place because we’re going to take a good look at the specs, ratings, reviews and price plus I’m going to show you some pictures of the newest version of EZ Red neck light.

NE220 Specs and Details

Here are some of the technical specifications and the details regarding the EZ Red NE220 detachable LED neck lights. 

Disadvantages to the EZ Red NE220 Detachable LED Neck Light

The above price and image includes (2) Pairs of EZ Red Detachable Neck Lights for less than $50. 

Although the new version of neck lights from EZ Red are a great tool, there are some disadvantages especially compared to the Snap-On version of detachable neck lights. Here are the most obvious and important disadvantages to the NE220 LED neck lights.

Do the EZ Red Detachable Neck Lights Compare to Snap-On?

I am thankful to Snap-On for introducing me to my first pair of hands-free neck lights several years ago. It wasn’t until I tried to replace them under warranty that I learned they were made by EZ Red which led me to the discovery of the NK15 rechargeable LED neck lights I have used for years since.

Somewhere along the lines I also bought a pair of the Snap-On removable neck lights and although they were expensive, I really liked the design and functionality. So in this post, I figured it was worth exploring how these new EZ Red detachable neck lights compare to the Snap-On ECHDD012?

EZ Red Detachable Neck Lights Are Cheaper, But Also Less Functional

In my hands-on review of the EZ Red Detachable LED neck lights, I found that the newest version of hands-free light was not quite on the level of Snap-On’s ECHDD012 for a couple of important reasons.

  1. The EZ Red Detachable LED neck lights do not come in a rechargeable version yet and that’s a huge downside in my opinion. I hate having to change batteries in any of my tools, especially lights that burn through them quick.
  2. Snap-On’s detachable neck lights are brighter at 300 Lumens, 150 on each side. Even just a slight difference in brightness and the fact that I can’t just charge them when they are dim is another important problem with the EZ Red Detachable Neck Lights.

My recommendation to get around the fact that the EZ Red removable LED neck lights are not rechargeable is to buy a rechargeable battery setup online.

For less than $20, you can buy a battery charger with (4)- AA Batteries on Amazon.

How to Change the Batteries in EZ Red NE220

Although not being at least USB rechargeable is a disadvantage, changing the batteries in your EZ Red Detachable LED Neck Lights is not a difficult task. Here’s the way you change the batteries in each of the LED light heads.

  1. Twist the head of the detachable LED to the left.
  2. Slide the AA battery out from the light head assembly.
  3. Replace the old discharged battery with a fresh charged battery either from a package or the battery charger I showed you above.
  4. Push the button and watch the LED head light up.

How are the Reviews of the EZ Red Detachable Neck Lights?

One of the ways that I like to get a gauge on how good a tool actually is based on real life experience is by looking at the reviews on popular sites like Amazon and YouTube. I did the same thing when I reviewed the Milwaukee neck lights. 

In the interest of finding out how good the EZ Red detachable neck lights are, I did some research and looked at as many reviews as I could find. Here are the results and some of the ratings I was able to find.

EZ Red Detachable LED Neck Light Ratings, Reviews and Real-Life Use

Here’s a picture of the red and black set of EZ Red detachable neck lights. The color scheme is very similar to the one used by Snap-On.

Even though the detachable neck lights are fairly new, it was surprisingly easy to find user reviews on the internet. Here are some of the things people had to say about the EZ Red Detachable Neck Lights.

On Amazon, Janice M. Said the Following, 

These are so convenient! I have used them in multiple situations: sewing, grilling, connecting cable on the basement ceiling, and just walking around the house during a power outage. I love that you can disconnect them to use as a flashlight. – Verified Purchase of the EZ Red LED removeable neck lights. 

An Anonymous Amazon User had the following to say about the EZ Red Detachable Neck Lights, 

It seems like no matter what I am working on I end up fumbling around in a dark space, regardless of the amount of light in the room. Because of my constant complaining my wife bought these lights for me (probably sick of my complaining LOL). I use them constantly; in fact, I have gone through three sets of batteries in two months.

They throw plenty of light and have two brightness settings. They are light weight, fit comfortably around my neck and can be aimed up and down so there is always light at the right spot. The only advantage a headlight has is that you can look to the side while these require your work be directly in front of you. But they are much more comfortable than a headlight. There have been times when I forget I have them on.

In addition, they attach to the neck band with a magnet and clip so they can be easily removed and used as small hand-held flashlights.

If you have ever been working in the dark or fumbling around looking for a dropped object, these are the lights for you. They are not expensive at just under $30 for two.


Neck Lights are the Answer to the Darkness

As you can see from the reviews posted above, neck lights are pretty much the answer to any of your lighting needs. Whether it be construction, automotive repair, plumbing or just doing laundry in a dark basement, the EZ Red Detachable Neck Lights are the answer. I use mine for everything from working on my cars to doing the laundry. The convenience of having a light that sits on my neck versus a “head light” that either wraps around my head or mounts on my hat is entirely refreshing.

I can say with one hundred percent honesty that the EZ Red Neck Lights are my all-time favorite lighting tool from any company.



If you purchase through my website, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. All posts are well researched and meant to find you better tools at a cheaper price.

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