Here are The Best Selling LED Kits on Amazon

Several LED Headlight Bulb Kits are “Best Sellers” on Amazon

One of the reasons people used to avoid buying LED headlight bulbs was the high cost compared to traditional Halogen bulbs and the hassle of installing them, but with Amazon selling Sealight by Suncent Auto , Fahren brand name and AutoOne brand plug and play LED headlight bulbs for around the same price as a good set of halogen lights, is it time to upgrade from Halogen to LED in your headlights?

Which Brand of LED Headlights are the Best?

Once you have made the decision to upgrade your headlights to LED, you need to find out which brand is the best for your needs. There are literally hundreds of LED headlight kits on the market now, so it can be tough to sift through the different brands and find an LED conversion kit or an LED headlight bulb that works and doesn’t cost a ton of money.

In this post, I want to look at a few of the best selling LED headlight kits for sale online and try to figure out which is the most popular and which brand is the best option in terms of price, quality and ease of installation. Nobody wants to buy an LED kit that they have to pay a mechanic to install. People want LED headlight kits that can be installed right at home.

Here are the Most Popular LED Headlights in 2023

In my search for the most popular LED headlight brands on Amazon, I came up with the following. These brands are the best selling LED headlight conversion kits, not only on Amazon but on the internet.

  1. Fahren
  2. Sealight
  3. Cougar Motor

I will admit there are an overwhelming amount of LED headlight brands selling on Amazon and finding a few that seem high-quality and reputable was a harder task than I expected.

In the end though, I was able to find three brands- Fahren, Sealight, and Cougar Motor that had good reviews, nice user-friendly designs, reasonable prices and easy installation making them all good choices for the best budget LED headlight kits.

So, let’s take a look at each set of these LED headlight kits one at a time and try to figure out which one is the going to give you the best visibility at night, without blinding other drivers and without putting a huge dent in your wallet.


1). Fahren LED Headlight Bulbs

One of the top LED headlight brands online are sold and marketed under the name Fahren LED. At first glance these headlight bulbs appear to be high-quality, but there are some questions that I want to answer about each brand.

Is Fahren a Good Brand?

In order to figure out if Fahren LED headlight bulbs are a good brand and worth the money, I looked to actual users of the Fahren LED headlights for reviews. What I found out about these budget LED bulbs was surprising.

In a test done by Car Light Reviews, the Fahren Forscher was named the best budget LED headlight due to its brightness and ability to actually control the light- a critical aspect of how well an LED light works.

How much do Fahren LED bulbs cost?

A typical set of Fahren LED headlight bulbs on Amazon sells for around $50 per pair. You can choose from several different bulb options depending on which size your cars headlight assembly requires. All of the different bulb designs seem to be around the same price.

Fahren brightness versus halogen led bulbs
Here you can see that Fahren claims it’s LED headlights are 400 times brighter than Halogen traditional bulbs.

How to install Fahren LED headlight bulbs?

In 2023, it has become increasingly easy to install LED headlight bulbs in any vehicle and Fahren Forscher is no exception. If you know how to install a typical halogen lightbulb, you know how to install a Fahren set of LED headlights.

Fahren Forscher LED headlight H11/H9
As you can see, Fahren LED headlight kits are designed beautifully and have a high-quality and easy to install design.

It’s literally the same process to install Fahren bulbs as a halogen bulb. Everything, including the cooling fan are built-in and wired in to the bulb making it as simple as installing the bulb into the headlight assembly and adjusting slightly. There are videos all over the internet that can show you how to adjust a set of Fahren lights.

2). Sealight LED Headlight Kits

The next popular brand of LED headlights are branded Sealight and sold by Suncent Auto on their website but they are also one of the most popular and highly sponsored LED kits on Amazon. When buying on Amazon, I feel a sense of security and I know that I’m going to get the best deal, my order will be hassle-free and if I have to return the LED lights, it will not be an issue.

Sealight LED headlight conversion kit H11,H9
Sealight LED headlights continue to develop in terms of quality, installation and design. If you want a high-quality budget LED kit- Sealight should be considered.


Is Sealight a Good Brand of LED lights?

According to user reviews, Sealight is one of the better budget brand LED headlight kits. Although they are a little bit behind Fahren in terms of user reviews, they are also priced slightly lower making Sealight bulbs a popular LED headlight option for people that aren’t looking to spend a fortune.

From what I have been able to find, Sealight is a good brand of LED headlight bulbs and buying one of the plug and play sets from them would be a good choice.

How Much do Sealight LED Headlights Cost?

The newest style of Sealight LED’s is the S2 model, which is a little bit pricey at around $130 for a pair but the easier installation and convenience of an all-in-one package makes even the S2 a bargain at that price.

As you can see from the picture of the Sealight S2 LED bulbs, when you buy a set you get everything- capacitor, cooling and bulb all in one easy to install product. If you don’t care about the installation and all you want is the cheapest set of headlight bulbs, Sealight does sell the Scopart kit for around $40 that comes in all different bulb configurations. High beam, low beam and even fog lights are an option with Sealight LED’s.

How to Install Sealight LED Bulbs

Its really the installation that makes these new LED headlight designs practical. Even with the cheapest Scopart kit from Sealight, it’s as simple as plugging the connectors in, installing the bulb in the headlight assembly the same way you would with a halogen and then tucking away the capacitor and cooling mechanism.

Sealight led headlight comparison to halogen
As you can see, LED headlight kits by Sealight are said to be more than 300 times as bright as traditional halogen headlight bulbs.

With the S2 kit that’s a bit more expensive, it’s even easier. In order to install the Sealight S2 bulbs, you literally just put them in the same way you would any other headlight bulb. Everything else is built in. Innovations in the way LED bulbs are designed is really the reason why so many people replace halogen bulbs with LED these days. It makes sense from a financial standpoint to buy an LED bulb that’s gonna last compared to a halogen that might blow a couple times a year.

3). Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs

As we start to look a little lower on the spectrum in terms of price, we can find decent brands like Cougar Motor for LED headlight conversion kits. What we need to figure out though is if the lower price brings with it lower quality and possibly more work for installation or less of a life-span with the Cougar Motor kits. Is it worth spending a few dollars less if the kit is only going to last half the amount of time?

In order to get an idea of how long Cougar Motor LED kits are going to last or how easy the installation process will be, we have to look at actual user reviews. It’s important we don’t get caught up in the hype and marketing driven by the brand itself.

Is Cougar Motor a Good Brand of LED Lights?

On Amazon, which seems to be the only place to buy Cougar Motor LED bulbs aside from the company’s own website, the brand gets a 4.1 out of 5 stars. Specifically, that rating is for the H11 bulb but 615 verified buyers is enough to get a feel for how good Cougar Motor LED headlight kits are going to be.

Some users have extremely good reviews on the Cougar Motor LED kits but there are some less than favorable ratings as well. One customer left the tagline “A noticeable improvement, but not wow”, which suggests the headlights that Cougar Motor sells are good but not great. It comes down to whether you want the best LED headlights or if you just want a slight improvement in visibility and don’t want to spend a ton of money.

How Much do Cougar Motor LED Headlights Cost?

As I said before, if you just want a low-cost LED headlight kit then the Cougar Motor brand will probably suit you well. Most of the company’s LED headlight kits run around $35-40 and feature similar designs to the lower-price options from Fahren and Sealight. Cougar Motor LED kits do not compare to the Sealight S2 or Fahren Forscher in my opinion but they will serve their purpose at the price.

How to Install Cougar Motor LED Headlight Kits


Cougar Motor LED kits are designed in the same way as most budget headlight conversion kits. The cheaper Cougar Motor LED headlight kits come with a separate capacitor and cooling mechanism. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more and go with an option like the Cougar Motor bulbs in the first picture, you can buy LED headlight kits that are all-in-one without the separate capacitor and cooling fans.

Either way, if you end up replacing your halogen bulbs with LED kits from Cougar Motor, the installation procedure is going to be similar to the other options on this list. All of the newer LED kits are essentially plug and play. The only difference is, with the separate capacitor you need to have space for the excess. With the better LED versions, they are designed exactly like a traditional headlight bulb that just mounts into the headlight assembly and plugs in.

What is the Benefit of LED Headlights?

If you’re considering a switch from old-fashioned Halogen headlight bulbs to Sealight, Fahren or Cougar Motor brand LED, you need to know what the benefits are and which brand of LED headlight bulb is worth buying. Otherwise, why would you want to buy LED headlights for your car in the first place?

LED bulbs have gained popularity in recent years, especially since new plug and play kits have become smaller and brighter but the capacitors and cooling fans are built into the design of the headlight bulb. The advantage of this new design of LED bulbs is a much easier installation instead of requiring a separate, difficult do-it-yourself installation of capacitors and cooling methods.

New higher-quality LED headlight kits like the ones made by Suncent Auto branded Sealight come with everything built in and are designed almost exactly like a traditional halogen bulb. Silver Star halogen bulbs. One key element in how bright the Sealight LED bulbs appear is based on installation and clocking the LED bulbs as I will explain further next, but first let’s look at the main reason people want to convert to LED headlights in the first place.

LED Headlights are Brighter for Better Visibility at Night

When considering whether it’s a good idea to convert to LED bulbs, the first thing you need to know is that these newly designed kits are brighter than ever and offer far better visibility for night-time driving. I personally have bad eyes and even with my glasses I have a hard time being able to see at night. By the time I see the deer on the side of the road, I’ve already passed them.

This was my main motivation for buying an LED headlight conversion kit and I was not disappointed. I bought the Fahren Forscher kit and after clocking and adjusting them, I have been highly impressed with the improved visibility at night. After installing them in my Silverado, I replaced the ones in my wife’s Grand Caravan with the same set, these ones here and she has also been impressed with the change in visibility at night.

LED headlights are easy to install.

A major advantage to any brand of LED bulbs is an easy installation and most LED bulbs in 2023 are designed for DIY installation. If you look at the image below, you’ll see that the bulbs just twist into the headlight socket and are attached to a capacitor and these Sealight bulbs have a self-cooling design.

Aside from the easy to install design and plug and play method of mounting, there is another aspect of switching from halogen lights to LED headlights on your vehicle. It just requires a simple process that can be found anywhere online or YouTube. Clocking your LED headlights should not deter you from buying a set of bulbs and installing them yourself.

LED Bulbs Need to be “Clocked” and then Adjusted.

Although these LED headlight kits from Fahren, Sealight etc. are “plug and play” by definition, that does not mean they require no adjustment. Any time an LED headlight is installed, it needs to be “clocked” and then the headlight assembly needs to be adjusted up or down to maximize brightness and not blind other drivers. And that last point is more important than you may think. Learning how to not blind other drivers with your LED headlights is a critical aspect. Nothing worse than driving toward a car that you can not even see due to incorrectly adjusted LED bulbs.

There are tons of YouTube videos that will explain the process of installing and adjusting LED kits or any other high-quality setup. After you buy a set of Sealight LED headlights, go watch an installation video like the one you can find here and installing the new lighting kit will be simple.

I hope this LED headlight review was helpful and when you choose to replace your halogen bulbs with LED, I hope you are as impressed as I have been. If you have converted your headlights and want to let me know how you have benefitted or been disappointed- leave me a comment or come interact with me on Twitter.

What Other Uses for LED Bulbs?

AutoOne led h9 h11
Here’s a pic of the four sets he bought to replace both sets in his plow trucks.

One of my favorite ideas was a buddy that put LED headlights in his Fisher plow housing. He did not go to Fisher and pay the crazy amount to go LED, he just slapped some LED bulbs from AutoOne in there and they have worked great. Not only are they brighter, the drivers do not replace them nearly enough.


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