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Who are the Auto Tool Experts?

Although the name suggests there are more than one, at the moment it is just me. My name is John Green and I’m a 33 year old career automotive technician that has been working in the repair, parts and tool industry since I was a prepubescent teenager.

Right now I write the content you find here on Auto Tool Experts in my spare time because I am passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the tools I use to do my job and I’m equally as passionate about relaying my expertise to anyone- auto tech or backyard mechanic that is willing to listen.

I hope to at some point add a writer or two that share the passion for tools, cars and trucks and the automotive industry in general that I do so we can actually be Expert(s) plural. For now though, you’re stuck listening to me!

Me, Personally.

On the personal side of the spectrum, I am a father of three beautiful little girls. Five year old twins and a four year old daughter that I love with all of my heart. I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science while also working full time and being a father and future husband to the love of my life.

My Qualifications


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